"In the Bag" CD-rom

A Design Resource for designers to get smart quick about bag theft, pickpocketing and street crime.
What's in the bag?

• Hot (most stolen) personal product + design case studies

• Perpetrator techniques

• Victim/user profiles

• Environmental Issues

• The good, the bad and the ugly (crime resistant products)

• Crime/Design futures

• CSM anti theft and anti abuser design projects-featuring voices of designers on method, process and practice.

• Takeaway 'Design Against Crime' briefs

• Full bibliography - web linked product and research references

•Also includes 'Less Crime, by Design' lecture given to Royal Society of Arts by Dr Paul Ekblom, of the Home Office.


To order copies of the In the Bag CD-Rom, please contact the Home Office Crime Reduction Centre at:

Off the Shelf : Design & Retail Crime

How can design contribute to crime reduction in the retail sector?
In what ways can independent retailers learn and apply lessons from multiples on designing against criime?

What design strategies can be applied by the retail sector? These and other questions are addressed by our report Off the Shelf - Design & Retail Criime. Drawing on interviews with design managers in some of Britain's best known stores, together with surveys of independent retailers in Manchester and Shefield, the report provides the most up-to-date source of information for designers and retailers on this critical issue, together with some practical design proposals.
The following chapters are included:

• Retail crime - an analysis of relevant crime statistics and overview of the retail design process.

• Chain reaction - interviews with design managers at six leading retail chains, detailing best practice in the field.

• A nation of shopkeepers - interviews with 19 independent store managers provide insights into the challenges facing smaller retailers.

• Closing the design gap - practical proposals and design exemplars to address the issues involved.

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