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This is a thorny subject.  We hope to give you a fair and frank summary of the facts.  Much of the information is contained in our learner's section of the website.  However there are some additional pieces of information in this section more relevant to parents and carers.


From September 2012, universities and colleges started charging up to £9,000 per year in tuition fees. The Government introduced financial support to help students - no up front costs, loans for living costs and initially, non-repayable grants.

In 2015, the Government introduced further changes to student finance.  The most significant change is the replacement of maintenance grants and NHS grants with increased maintenance loans.

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For quick explanations check out these short video clips :

Student finance explained

How to apply for student finance.  (This clip is for teachers and advisors also)

This video gives a brief outline of how SFE can support students during their studies

Can students afford to go to University?

Funding for students who wish to study abroad


You can obtain the basic facts on the finance arrangements by visiting the Government website.


The learners section of this website has a series of sections on student finance:

1. Bursaries and Scholarships covers what these are, and how your son or daughter might go about getting one.

2. Care Leavers face different circumstances to other students. There are special arrangements for any learners leaving care who plan to study at higher education level.

3. Disabled Students can apply for additional support. This is available to students who may otherwise be prevented from attending a higher-education course because of a disability.

4. Part-time students Tuition Fee Loans are available to help cover costs of part-time courses. There are no upfront costs to pay. You can get the details of finance for part-time learners from this section.


No need to raid the till - you don't pay upfront!

No need to raid the till - you don't pay upfront!

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