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For more general information on conceptual structures visit conceptualstructures.org.

Conceptual graphs (CG) is a notation that many industrial and academic researchers use to capture and express ideas in a rich and lucid manner, with the supporting logical rigour that computers require. Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) matches human intuitive thinking with a mathematically rigorous approach to concepts, concept hierarchies, and conceptual data analysis. FCA thereby provides effective computer-based knowledge processing. For an excellent introduction to CG take a look at the Online Conceptual Graphs course from Aalborg University, Denmark. Alternatively you will find introductory material on John Sowa’s web pages or by reading:

"An Introduction to Conceptual Graphs", Simon Polovina and John Heaton, AI Expert, pp. 36-43, 1992.

On FCA, Formal Concept Analysis in Information Science by Uta Priss is a good starting point.

An example of an industry application of CG is Sonetto.

For FCA, take a look at Mail Sleuth, or its freeware (for academic use) cousin HierMail.