Induction: school case study (1)

An example of well-designed induction processes in a large secondary school.

Cheadle Hulme High SchoolCheadle Hulme High School is a large secondary school in Stockport, Greater Manchester with a very good support and induction programme for NQTs.

The school recruits several NQTs each academic year. The NQT Induction Tutor and Curriculum Mentor, and an NQT who teaches English and Media discuss the induction programme below. In spring 2008, we spoke to Joel, an NQT (now an RQT) teaching English and Media, and Janet, NQT Induction Tutor and Curriculum Mentor, to find out what made the programme work for them.

Joel told us that the induction process overall was well designed, setting time aside to make use of a particular benefit of working in a large school: having other NQTs in the school to act as a support network. Although Joel says there is a lot of paperwork as part of the formal induction programme, he is well aware that this is necessary to monitor and support NQTs. He told us about his well developed programme, which includes observations, workshops, professional development and training. The programme has helped him make a great start to his career, where he enjoys teaching a range of abilities in a culturally diverse school with a good support system. Listen to Joel talk about his experiences in the right hand panel.

Janet is the NQT Induction Tutor, NQT Curriculum Mentor and Head of Music at Cheadle Hulme High and is responsible for all new staff starting the school including all NQTs. She told us how induction is carefully planned for all NQTs: the programme starts for in July prior to the new school year the following September. Induction begins with a full day at the school covering school policies, meeting other staff and NQTs (beginning the process of developing the support network mentioned by Joel above), a tour of 11 primary feeder schools and a tour of the local area.

When the formal induction year starts in September, all NQTs are given an 11 week induction plan 2 days before teaching begins which includes scheduled weekly meetings, workshops, observations and time set aside of evidence gathering. Terms 2 and 3 follow the same pattern. Janet says the school always receives positive feedback about their induction programme via evaluation forms completed by all NQTs, and they try to act on suggested changes. For example, in the past some NQTs asked for additional sessions; the following year, these were put in place. Listen to Janet talk about the programme in more depth in the right-hand panel.

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