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Volume 10 - Issue 1

Volume 10

Issue 1

Editorial: PPP special issue – International Perspectives on Fuel Poverty

by Aimee Ambrose, Will Eadson and Jan Gilbertson

Volume 10 – Issue 1

Fuel poverty in the European Union: a concept in need of definition?

by Harriet Thomson, Carolyn Snell and Christine Liddell

Volume 10 – Issue 1

Fuel poverty in the UK: beyond heating?

by Neil Simcock, Gordon Walker, Rosie Day

Volume 10 – Issue 1

Energy poverty, crisis and austerity in Spain

by Sergio Tirado Herrero and Luis Jiménez Meneses

Volume 10 – Issue 1

Cold Snaps – children’s health in a cold, damp home: influencing policy and practice

by Powell-Hoyland, Homer et al

Volume 10 – Issue 1

Child and youth fuel poverty: assessing the known and unknown

by O’Sullivan, Telfar Barnard, Viggers, Howden-Chapman

Volume 10 – Issue 1

Energy vulnerability in multiple occupancy housing: a problem that policy forgot

by Jenni Cauvain and Stefan Bouzarovski

Volume 10 – Issue 1

Review Article

by Ron Johnston

Volume 10 – Issue 1

Book Review – How to Save Our Town Centres: A radical agenda for the future of high streets

by David McGuinness

Volume 10 – Issue 1