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Continuing dilemmas for area based urban regeneration: evidence from the New Deal for Communities Programme in England

Paul Lawless


There is a long tradition in the UK of using area based initiatives (ABIs) to attack problems of urban deprivation.  In 1998 the government launched an especially ambitious ABI: New Deal for Communities.  In 39 areas local Partnerships are driving forward ten year programmes to narrow the gaps between these neighbourhoods and the rest of the country in relation to crime, education, jobs and so on.  Change data indicates that there has been continuing progress in NDC areas.  But change has been more evident in relation to place based indicators, such as fear of crime, rather then people based outcomes such as fewer jobs, better health and so on.  The Programme confirms that regenerating deprived areas is a complex process not least because of continuing demographic ’churn’ in these neighbourhoods.


DOI: 10.3351/ppp.0001.0001.0003