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Living in seaside caravans

New survey evidence and the implications for local authority funding

Christina Beatty, Steve Fothergill, Ryan Powell


Modern ‘static’ caravans increasingly provide a viable alternative to conventional bricks-and-mortar housing.  New survey evidence from the Lincolnshire coast, which is reputed to have the largest concentration of static caravans in Europe, confirms that substantial numbers of people now live for most or all of the year in seaside caravans.  Mostly this is a positive choice rather than a ‘second best’ option, and it is a lifestyle that is well-regarded by the individuals concerned.  However, there is also evidence that most of these people go unrecorded for official purposes – for Council Tax, on the electoral register, and in local population data for example.  This matters because so many public sector funding formulas are population-driven, and as a result seaside local authorities are systematically under-funded.


DOI 10.3351/ppp.0006.0002.0003