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Lisa Hopkins and Matthew Steggle: Introduction

Michael Best: 'Teaching Shakespeare to Judith: Gender Politics in Distance/Online Teaching'

Ty Buckman: '1590s London: Charting a Course Through Later Tudor Culture'

Robert C. Evans: 'Internet Resources for Teaching Early Modern English Women Writers'

Matthew C. Hansen: 'Learning to Read Shakespeare: Using Read-Throughs as a Teaching and Learning Strategy'



Roze Hentschell: 'Teaching in Context/Reading on the Margins: Renaissance "Non-canonical" Literature on the "Undergraduate Syllabus"'

Carrie Hintz: 'Satan is Not A Literary Character: Teaching Early Modern Literature to Religiously Committed Students'

W. Scott Howard: 'Reconfiguring Wit: Shakespeare, Film and the Critique of Genius'

Rowland Wymer: '"The Audience Is Only Interested in Sex and Violence": Teaching the Renaissance on Film'





April 2002

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Cross Cultural Linguistic Politeness Research Group: Introduction
Francesca Bargiela: et al:' Ethnocentrism, Politeness and Naming Strategies'
Chris Christie: 'Politeness and the Linguistic Construction of Gender in Parliament'
Karen Grainger: 'Politeness or Impoliteness?: Verbal Play on the Hospital Ward'
Andrew Merrison: 'Politeness in Task-Oriented Dialogue'
Louise Mullany: '"I don't think you want me to get a word in edgeways, do you John?": Reassessing (im)politeness, language and gender in political broadcast interviews'
Reviews of: Ann Bayraktaroglu and Maria Sifianou, eds., Linguistic Politeness Across Boundaries (Corinne Boz); Gino Eelen, A Critique of Politeness Theories (Abdurrahman Hamza); Saeko Fukushima, Requests and Culture (Andrew Merrison); Helen Spencer-Oatey, ed., Culturally Speaking (Sara Mills)

November 2001

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Steven Earnshaw - Introduction
Douglas Burnham and Darrell Hinchliffe - 'Aesthetic Resistance: Value, Subjectivity and Contingency in Literary Theory'
Gary Day - 'Leavis, Post-structuralism and Value'
Jane Dowson - '"Humming an Entirely Different Tune?" A Case Study of Anthologies: Women's Poetry of the 1930s'
Keith Green - 'Creative Writing, Language and Evaluation'
David Kennedy - 'Mapping Value: Geography, Truth and the Construction of Value in Recent British Poetry'
Andy Mousley - 'Humanising Contemporary Theory, Re-humanising Literature'
Chris Ringrose - 'Productivity, Literary Value and the Curriculum'

June 2000

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Sara Mills - Introduction
Jacqueline Hodgson-Blackburn - 'Indigestible Secrets: Female Melancholia in the Work of Evelyn Lau'
Elizabeth Knowles - 'Reading Agency from Feminist Perspective through Frankenstein and The Bloody Chamber'
Janine Liladhar - 'Jenny Eclair: The "Rotting Old Whore of Comedy": A Feminist Discussion of the Politics of Stand-Up Comedy'
Kathryn Longden - 'Iron Fist beneath a Velvet Glove: Middle-Class Women's Representations of Philanthropic Work among the Poor, Working Class and Indigenous Peoples in the Nineteenth Century'
Clare Walsh - 'Speaking in Different Tongues? A Case Study of Women Priests in the Church of England'

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