SHU Library Chromebook SHU Chromebook service

Why we are providing a Chromebook service?

At present we provide normal PCs and laptops for use in the library, as well as a limited number of 24 hour loan laptops. Chromebooks are a light weight, less fussy and complicated laptop computer providing basic office software applications, email, printing and online resources that we feel would be helpful in providing a quick and easy tool for student use in the library.

Where are Chromebooks available from?

The Chromebook service in a non-bookable service that will be available from February 2017 within both the Adsetts and Collegiate Libraries.

  • Collegiate C001
  • Adsetts on level 3
  • Please read An introduction to Chromebooks for more information.

    Please look after your Chromebook!

    Chromebook questionnaire

    We would love to have feedback on the use of Chromebooks in the library. Please take a few minutes to fill out our Chromebook Questionnaire

    Using this Chromebook

    You will be required to login with your SHU usercode and password each session.

    Each session is new and information from previous sessions on the Chromebook is not retained. Files within cloud storage (google apps and Office 365) are unaffected by this.

    Connecting to USS

    Users are required to connect to the SHU-USS wireless network in order to conform to IT regulations. This needs to be done for each session as connection information is not retained.

    Installing printers

    Printing from Chromebooks uses google cloud print to send jobs to the standard open access print queues available to student and staff users wherever they have access to an all in one printer.

    To start with you must manually install the printers by clicking on the relevant printer name.

    Printer name Type of printing Cost
    Student Black and White Cloud Printer Black and white, double sided Single sided: 5p. Double sided 8p.
    Student Colour Cloud printer Colour printing, single sided A4: 12p, A3: 18p.
    Student Use_Own_Paper Cloud Printer Put your own paper in the manual feeder on the side of the copier Single sided: 5p.
    Staff Black and White Cloud Printer Black and white, double sided
    Staff Colour Cloud printer Colour printing, single sided

    You will receive a message about the printer being added.

    Further information on how to print can be found here.

    Please submit feedback or ask us a technical or chromebook question.