Adopt an Author

In 1997, the Corvey Project at Sheffield Hallam University initiated a Special Study Unit for third-year undergraduates students titled 'Adopt An Author'. Students chose one of the women writers represented in the Corvey Collection to study and assembled a portfolio of their research on the author which included some or all of the following: a biographical sketch of the writer, a bibliography of the writer's work, a summary of the writer's contemporary critical reception, plot synopses of one or more of the writer's works, an annotated list of secondary reading, and where possible, as an appendix, contemporary reviews and related archival material, including images.

Included here is the best work from the student's portfolio, which supplements the author's site in the Corvey Women's Writing on the Web database.

Amelia Beauclerc

(fl. 1810-1820)

By Donna Wharam, May 1998

Archival Material