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Sarah Green

The Corvey Project at
Sheffield Hallam University


Chosen Key Texts

Mrs Sarah Green The Festival of St. Jago: A Spanish Romance. Minerva Press, London (1810)

Mrs Sarah Green The Carthusian Friar; or, The Mysteries of Montanville:A Posthumous Romance

Sherwood, Neely and Jones, London (1814)


Blain, V, Clements, P Grundy, IBT The Feminist Companion to Literature in English London: Batsford, 1990

Contains brief biographical information on Sarah Green's writing



Blakey, Dorothy The Minerva Press, 1790 – 1820 Oxford: Oxford University Press (1939)

Some extremely useful information about the authors of the Minerva Press, and background and contextual information on nineteenth-century literature.

Botting, Fred Gothic Routledge, London, 1996

Provides genereal information about the Gothic genre, and also some references to the Minerva Press


Clery, Emma J The Rise of Supernatural Fiction 1762 – 1800 Cambridge University Press, London (1995)

Extremely useful for background reading on the Minerva Press and Gothic/supernatural novels.


Copeland, Edward Women Writing About Money: Women’s Fiction in England 1790 – 1820

Cambridge University Press (1995) p 11, 18, 39-49,

76-85, 182

Discusses Sarah Green’s novels in some detail with regards to the presence of financial concerns in her novels. Contains some interesting information about her attitude and the authorial messages in her texts.

Day, William Patrick In the Circles of Fear and Desire – A Study of Gothic Fantasy

University of Chicago Press, London (1985) p 75-85,

102-5, 119-20

An interesting read for general Gothic reading.

Ferguson Ellis, Kate The Contested Castle – Gothic Novels and the Subversion of Domestic Ideology

University of Illinois Press, Chicago (1989)

Explores the central image and theme of Gothic writing.

Howells, Coral Ann Love, Mystery and Misery – Feeling in Gothic Fiction

The Athlone Press, University of London (1978) p 5 - 27

An useful text that has an interesting introductory chapter on the themes and concerns of Gothic fiction.

Johnson, R Brimley Novelists on Novels: from the Duchess to George Eliot

N Douglas, London (1928) p 150-3

An unusual but interesting book, containing a collection of Prefaces to a number of novels. Provides useful insight to the thoughts and opinions of Sarah Green.

Kilgour, Maggie The Rise of the Gothic Novel

Routledge, New York (1995) p 37-40

Helpful and interesting for general reading on the Gothic genre and the common themes and motifs.

Lewis, Matthew The Monk

Oxford University Press (1973)

Miles, Robert Gothic Writing 1750 – 1820 A Genealogy

Routledge, London (1993)

Good for general Gothic reading.


Moers, Ellen Literary Women

The Women’s Press, London (1977) p 90

Essential reading that introduces and explores the concept of ‘female’ Gothic.


Radcliffe, Ann The Romance of the Forest

Oxford University Press (1986)

Shakespeare, William Hamlet

Macmillan Education Limited, London (1973)

Shakespeare, William Othello

Methuen & Co. New York (1982)

Sage, Victor The Gothick Novel: A Casebook

Macmillan, London (1990) p 9-24, 91-2, 131

Quite useful information about the rise of the ‘female’ Gothic.

Summers, Montague A Gothic Bibliography

Russell & Russell Inc. New York, (1964) p 51-2

Essential reading. Contains invaluable information on Sarah Green, her texts, and the general reception of her novels.

Todd, Janet A Dictionary of British and American Women Writers

1660 – 1800

Methuen & Co. Ltd, London (1987) p 139

Contains brief biographical information on Sarah Green.

Walpole, Horace The Castle of Otranto: a gothic story

Oxford University Press (1969)

Ward, William S Literary Reviews in British Periodicals 1798-1820:

A Bibliography

Garland Publishing, London and New York (1972)

Vol. 1, p288-9

Contains complete listings of contemporary reviews of certain texts of Sarah Green.

Yeazell, Ruth Barnard Fictions of Modesty – Women and Courtship in the English Novel

University of Chicago Press, Chicago (1991) p 5-7, 51, 55, 67, 72-3

An interesting read that explores the female’s role in society, and the rise of female writing.


Miles, Robert (ed) Women’s Writing – The Elizabethan to Victorian Period

Volume 1, No. 2

Triangle Journals Ltd (1994)

Some extremely useful articles concerning all aspects of female Gothic writing.

Early Periodicals

Edinburgh Review Vol. XV, No. 30 p 299 – 312

The Monthly Review Vol. LXVIII, p 109



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