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Anne Ker

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Sheffield Hallam University


Annotated Bibliography

Primary Sources:

Archives of the Royal Literary Fund Entry number 424

Anti-Jacobin Review, 7 (Oct 1800), pages 201-202.

Critical Review, new series, Volume 29 (May 1800), page 116.

Critical Review, series 3, volume 3, (Sept 1804), page 116.

Ker, Anne, 1800, Adeline St Julian; or the Midnight Hour, London.

Ker, Anne, 1804, Modern Faults; a novel Founded on Facts, London.

Literary Journal, Review, Volume 3, (June 16, 1804) page 682.

Monthly Review, new series, Volume 33, (Sept 1800) page 103

Secondary Sources:

Blain, Virginia, et al, 1990, The Feminist Companion to Literature in English, Batsford.

This was the most useful biographical source as it was the only one that has provided any information about Anne Ker.

Buck, Claire, 1992, Bloomsbury Guide to Women's Literature, London, Bloomsbury.

Campbell, C, 1987, The Romantic Ethic and the Spirit of Modern Consumerism, Oxford, Blackwell.

This gave a good overview as to how the Gothic novel was received and its level of popularity.

Clery, Emma, 1995, The Rise of Supernatural Fiction 1762-1800, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

This was useful to find out why the Gothic novel was popular and about other female Gothic writers.

Copeland, Edward, 1995, Women Writing About Money: Women's Fiction in England 1790-1820, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

This was helpful as Ker wrote to make money; however, Ker seems to predate and contest Copeland's views as to how the novel developed.

Crawford, Anne, et al, 1983, The Europa Biographical Dictionary of British Women: Over 1000 Notable Women from Britains Past, Gale Research.

Ellis, K, F, 1989, The Contested Castle: Gothic Novels and the Subversion of Domestic Ideology, Illinois, University of Illinois Press.

This was useful as it discussed how female Gothic writers used the genre and its formulaic setting of the castle to represent the position of women in patriarchal society.

Figes, E, 1982, Sex and Subterfuge Women Writers to 1850, London, The Macmillan Press Ltd.

Figes's book is a good overview of the development of women writers' novels. The chapter on 'The Gothic Alternative' was useful in relation to Ker's Gothic novel and how women used this genre to criticise the position of women in patriarchal society.

Kelly, G, 1989, English Fiction of the romantic Period, 1789-1830, Longman.

MacCarthy, B, G, 1994, The Female Pen: Women Writers and Novelists 1621-1818, Cork, Cork University Press.

MacCarthy traces the development of women’s writing and it was useful to compare Ker to other typical Gothic and didactic writers of the period. It was interesting to see how conformative she was to MacCarthy's schema and the genres.

Miles, R, 1995, Ann Radcliffe The Great Enchantress, Manchester, University of Manchester Press.

This book helped give an overview of female Gothic writers as many aimed to emanate Radcliffe's success.

Moers, E, 1978, Literary Women, London, The Woman’s Press Limited.

Poovey, Mary, 1984, The Proper Lady and the Woman Writer, Chicago, University of Chicago Press.

Poovey's book is useful as it demonstrates how the woman writer had to conform to society's idea of the feminine which constrained the content and style of their fiction.

Roper, D, 1978, Reviewing Before the Edinburgh: 1788-1802, London, Methuen and Co Ltd.

This book gave a good overview of the periodicals and journals of the period.

Shattock, Joanne, 1993, Oxford Guide to British Women Writers, Oxford and New York, Oxford University Press.

Summers, M, 1964, The Gothic Quest: A History of the Gothic Novel, New York, Russell and Russell inc.

This is a good reference book about the history and development of the Gothic novel and mentions some obscure novels and even included a brief paragraph on Ker, although the dates of publication were incorrect and inconsistent.

Turner, C, 1992, Living by the Pen: Women Writers in the Eighteenth Century, London, Routledge.

This is useful as it charts the development of women's writing.

Ward, William S, 1972, Literary Reviews in British Periodicals 1798-1820: A Bibliography, London and New York, Garland Publishing.

This was very easy to use and contained a list of articles about Ker's novels in different periodicals. It was very useful as it described the volume, the series and the pages that these articles were on and therefore, made it easier to find these articles on the microfilm.



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