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Elizabeth Helme

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Elizabeth Helme: an Annotated Bibliography; Sharon Watson, May 1998


Helme, Elizabeth. Louisa; or, The Cottage on the Moor 2 vols. Leipzig, Graef, 1789

---. The Pilgrim of the Cross; or, The Chronicles of Christabelle de Mowbray. 4 vols. Brentford: Norbury, 1805


Royal Literary Fund Archives:

File 97 Elizabeth Helme

File 295 William Helme

File 115 Elizabeth Somerville

includes all correspondence to the fund by members of the Helme family, 1801-1847.


Unless otherwise stated, the edition of the periodical that was used for this study was the bound volume of the original or a microfilm copy.

On Pilgrim of the Cross:

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New Monthly Magazine (1815).


On Instructive Rambles:

British Critic 11 (1798): 184.

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On St. Clair of the Isles:

Monthly Magazine 17 (1804): 666.

On James Manners:

Monthly Mirror 8 (1799): 223.




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