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Corvey ‘Adopt an Author’ |
Maria Jane Jewsbury

The Corvey Project at
Sheffield Hallam University


Blain, Virginia, et al. 1990. The feminist Companion to Lterature in English.New Haven: Yale UP.

Chorley, Henry. 1836. Memorials of Mrs Hemans in Two Volumes. London: ? One Chapter was extremely helpful and the others provided a good background to Jewsbury and Heman's friendship.

Clarke, Norma. 1990. Ambitious Heights, Writing, friendship, love - the Jewsbury sisters Felicia Hemans and Jane Carlyle. London and New York : Routledge. This was extremely helpful; it provided a background, comments on Jewsbury's work and also an overview of the general opinions of the period.

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Fryckstedt, Monica Correa. "The Hidden Rill: The Life and Career of Maria Jane Jewsbury: I." Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester 66.2 (1984): 177-203.Very interesting and there is a lot on Lays of Leisure Hours and Letters to the Young but limited information or comments on Phantasmagoria and The Three Histories.

Gillett, Eric. Maria Jane Jewsbury: Occasional Papers, Selected with a Memoir. London: Oxford University Press, 1932. Deals with Jewsbury's life and feelings very well, there as a focus on her letters rather than on her poetry of prose.

Homans, Margaret. 1980. Women Writers and Poetic Identity. Princeton: Princeton U P. Not anything specific on Jewsbury, however some feminist criticism.

Johnston, Judith. 1997. Anna Jameson, Victorian Feminist, Women of Letters. Yale: Yale UP, Scolar Press. Limited information on Jewsbury.

Lancashire Worthies. 1874-7. 2nd Series. A good background to her life and family.

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Moers, Ellen. (1978) Literary Women. The Women's Press Limited.
This book was a good general book for the attitudes of the period.

Mary Moorman.1957–1965. William Wordsworth: A Biography. 2 vols. a Biography, Oxford: Oxford U P. Good for the male opinion and helpful to me as Jewsbury was friends with Wordsworth and his family.

Shattock, Joanne, ed. 1993. The Oxford Guide to British Women Writers. Oxford and New York : Oxford University Press. An excellent starting point and pointed me towards some relevant books.

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