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Henrietta Rouviere Mosse

The Corvey Project at
Sheffield Hallam University



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This had the most biographical information and plot synopses of several of her works.

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General background reading and also indicated how much novelists were paid for their work.

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No mention.

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No mention.

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No mention.

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Important argument about representations of class in novel and reasons behind them.

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Interesting argument for reasons behind conduct novels.

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Interesting section on the nature of authorship.

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No mention.

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Interesting Chapters on the Five-Class Model and Womenís Class Consciousness.

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Interesting argument on subordination of women through marriage.

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Chapter on women and education.

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More concerned with late nineteenth-century literature.

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No mention.

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List of published reviews in critical journals.

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Discussion of the Ďmodestí woman and important section on blushing.

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