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Adopted authors

  Mary Brunton Philippa Marshfield
  Mary Charlton Elizabeth Dowan McKie
  Catherine Cuthbertson Beryl Chaudhuri
  Susan Edmonstone Ferrier Lucy Burnett
  Sarah Green Sarah Green
  Mary Anne Hedge Michaela Rosenthall
  Catherine Hutton Susanna Lant
  Anne Ker Laura Harrod
  Sarah Lansdell Andrew Sellars
  Harriet Lee Louisa Gilman
  Mrs. Martin Laura Martin
  Elizabeth Le Noir Laura Ridley
  Julia Pardoe Stacy Weir
  Elizabeth and Jane Purbeck Samantha Gibbs
  Regina Maria Roche Emma Hoddinott
  Catharine Sedgwick Amanda Priest
  Catherine Selden

Marie Zarins

  Eleanor Sleath Beth Kilkenny