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Call For Papers:



Letitia Elizabeth Landon: Her Art, Life, and Times



This collection's purpose is to further understanding of Landon by bringing together diverse perspectives of her life, art, and times. Your selected essays will appear first in this section of the site, and publication here will include a short biography of each writer. Furthermore, this section of the site will include a fully searchable text of the entire WWW collection. In the second stage of publication, selected essays will assume a variety of media in both digital and letterpress forms. A letterpress anthology, with an optional CD-ROM version, will be forthcoming from this collection, and selected texts will be part of another project, which will be a CD-ROM companion to Landon studies.

The call is for a wide range of topics concerning Landon's art, life, and time. Discussions could include but are not limited to Landon's artistic aesthetics; biographical concerns; critical examinations of Landon texts; Landon's critical heritage; the "international" Landon (America, France, Germany, Holland and elsewhere); the Initial School; the "hiatus" period; the "Hearts verses Heads" controversy; literary criticism by Landon and other women writers 1820-1845; the relation between women writers and the publishing establishment; "writing the feminine" 1820-1845; the "death of poetry;" the annuals and other periodicals 1820-1845; social and economic situations for women writers 1820-1845; reader response 1820-1845; the reading public 1820-1845; illustrated texts 1820-1845. The spirit for topic choice is to provide materials that will promote a better understanding of Landon and her times, thereby stimulating further study and initiating critical examinations of and dialogue about the period.

Further queries concerning the anthology are welcome via the address below. All submissions should initially be digital. Illustrations are welcome and should be in a GIF format (the authors should retain copies of graphic material at the highest possible resolution for eventual letterpress illustrations) and sized below 50K. Musical and audio tracks are welcomed for consideration (formats can be discussed privately).

This Site was established and is maintained by Glenn Dibert-Himes. I would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions concerning it, as well as in discussing Landon, her art, and times. Please feel free to contact me at