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Brief Biographical sketch of Jane Loudon from Cyclopaedia of Female Biography; consisting of Sketches of All Women who have been distinguished by Great Talents, Strength of Charaacter, Piety, Benevolence, or Moral Virtue of any kind, forming a complete record of Womanly Excellence or Ability. Edited by H.G. Adams. Glasgow: Robert Forrester, Stockwell, 1865 (471).

Jane Loudon

Whose reputation is founded chiefly on works of utitlity, is the daughter of Thomas Webb, Esq., of Ritwell House near Birmingham, who, in consequence of over speculation, became embarassed in his circumstances. Miss Webb, possessing literary talents, resolved to turn them to good account; and, in 1827, published her first work, a novel entitled "The Mummy," in which she embodied ideas of scientific progress and discovery, that now read like prophecies. Among other foreshadowings of things that were to be, was a steam plough, and this attracted the attention of Mr. John C. Loudon, whose numerous and valuable works on gardening, agriculture, etc., are so well known, led to an aquaintance, which terminated in a matrimonial connection. After her marriage, Mrs. Loudon devoted her talents entirely to those branches of literature connected with her husband's favourite pursuits. "The Ladies' Flower Garden," The Ladies' Country Companion," Gardening for Ladies," The Ladies' Companion to the Flower Garden," and several works of a similar character, have become standard books of reference, and attained a large circulation. It should be mentioned that the daughter of this lady, Miss Agnes Loudon, appears to inherit her mother's taste and talent. She has written several juvenile works of great excellence. Mrs Loudon is now a widow, and in reciept of a pension of a hundred pounds per annum, from the civil list, which she has deservedly gained.