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Nicola Field:Charlotte Nooth

Primary Sources

Nooth, Charlotte, Original Poems, and a Play, London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme & Brown, 1815. (Transcript from Brown University Women Writers Project) A collection of Nooth's original poetry, plus translations from the French, Spanish and Italian. Also contains Nooth's play, Clara; or the Nuns of Charity, based on the novel Siege de Rochelle, by Madame Genlis. Nooth, Charlotte, Eglantine; or the Family of Fortescue, London: Sherwood, Neely, & Jones, 1816. See plot synopsis.



Augustan Review, vol. 1, (August 1815), pp376-80: A review of Original Poems and a Play.

Augustan Review, vol. 3, (October 1816), pp362-366: A review of Eglantine.

Critical Review, s5, vol. 4, (September 1816), p318: A review of Eglantine.

Monthly Review, ns, vol. 83, (May 1817), p99: A review of Eglantine.


Secondary Sources


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