Corvey Project Database: Women's Writing 1790-1840; Text Page; Eliza Parsons; The Convict

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Parsons: Text Page; Keywords

Factual Keywords:

1. Setting;- London, Clerkenwell, Newgate, Old Bailey, Portsmouth, North Wales, India

2. Time/Period;- a) Contemporary b)

3. Personae;- a) fictional Henry Thompson, Sam Barton, Mrs. Barton, Ellen, Lord Presville ( Lord C---), Fanny Thompson, Mrs. Fitzwilliam, Mrs. Percy, Clara Percy, William Lascelles snr., William Lascelles jnr, Mr and Mrs Selwyn, Lady Orville, Misses Bruce, Sir Gilbert Mervin, Major Freeland b)

4. Allusions; a) b)

5. Genre;- a) novel b) main narrative,third person, partly epistolary


Interpretative Keywords:

6. Family and Sexuality;- bigamy, adoption, incest

7. Leisure and Travel;- travel by ship

8. Economics and Work;- navy, shopkeeping (tobacco warehouse)

9. Other Social Institutions;- prison

10.Crime;- rape, attempted murder, theft

11. Other Thematic Concerns;- injustice (low pay, lack of promotion prospects) for naval personnel of lower classes