Corvey Project Team

Professor Stephen C. Behrendt (visiting professor from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Publications include: Royal Mourning and Regency culture: Elegies and Memorials to Princess Charlotte (1997); Approches to Teaching Romantic Women Writers eds Stephen Behrendt and Harriet Linkin,, MLA. 1997).

Dr. Emma Clery, British Academy Research Fellow

Publications include: The Rise of Supernatural Fiction, 1762 - 1800 (Cambridge Studies in Romanticism, 12; Cambridge University Press, 1995); rev. ed. The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole (Oxford University Press, 1996) and The Italian by Ann Radcliffe (Oxford University Press, 1998)

Dr. Philip Cox

Publications include:Gender, Genre and the Romantic Poets (1996).

Dr. Glenn Dibert-Himes, British Academy Research Fellow -- expertise in CD-ROM and hypertext technology

Publications include:Comprehensive Index to the Collected Works of Laetitia Elizabeth Landon in "Letitia Elizabeth Landon: Selected Writings" (eds Jerome McGann & Dan Reese, Broadview Press, 1998); L.E.L's Multimedia Productions in "Teaching Approaches to Romantic Women Writers" (eds Stephen Behrendt and Harriet Larkin, MLA, 1998)

Dr. Lisa Hopkins

Publications include: John Ford (Manchester University Press, 1994; The Shakespearean Marriage: Merry Wives and Heavy Husbands (Macmillan, 1998.

Professor Robert Miles

Publications include:Gothic Writing 1750-1820: A Genealogy (1993); Ann Radcliffe: The Great Enchantress (1995).

Professor Sara Mills

Publications include: Discourses of Difference: Women's Travel Writing and Colonialism (1991).

Dr. Mary Peace

Publications include: "Luxurious Sexualities and the Body Politic in Eighteenth-Century Britian in At the Borders of the Human" and "The Economy of Nymphomania: Luxury, Virtue, Sentiment and Desire in Mid-Eighteenth Century Medical Discourse." eds. S Wiseman et al (Macmillan, 1998).

Professor Judy Simons

Publications include:Fanny Burney (1987); Diaries and Journals of Literary Women: From Fanny Burney to Virginia Woolf (1990); What Katy Read: Feminist Re-readings of Classic Stories for Girls 1850-1920 (1995; with Shirley Foster)

Dr. Noel Williams

Member of CIRG with expertise in CD-ROM and hypertext technology.

Dr. Michael Worboys, Project Director



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