About Us

Sheffield Hallam University City Campus

The Institution

Sheffield Hallam University is a modern university with a long and proud history, dating from the opening of two 19th century schools which would later become the foundations for Sheffield Polytechnic. One of the UK's most progressive and innovative universities, Sheffield Hallam is a multicultural institution with a vibrant and diverse student population of over 4,000 international students from more than 100 countries.

We pride ourselves on making a difference - to our students, our staff and to the businesses we work with. Our research and business ideas, alongside our sought after graduates, contribute to the economic and social development of both our region and to the UK as a whole.


The Working Group

Chain Reaction is based at the Centre for Science Education (CSE). We're the UK’s largest academic group in science education, with over 25 years of experience and innovation, and are now part of the new Institute of Education within Sheffield Hallam University. We work to improve the experience of young people in school science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). We also focus on skills, employment, and equality and diversity issues in education and work.

Our activity covers a wide range of project types. Most of the work is focused on schools, with major programmes for primary as well as secondary. We are currently embarking on a major expansion into projects for the commercial sector.

A key theme for our work is innovation, which reflects our aim to make science real, to come alive for young people. We believe we are one of the key drivers of innovation in the STEM world, and as part of a University, we have an independence that some other STEM organisations do not have. We're also a hub for regional STEM activity, housing the Regional Science Learning Network and SETPOINT South Yorkshire.

CSE is the Chain Reaction Project Coordinator, and is the Leader of Work Packages 1 (Project Management), 3 (Technical Board Role) and 9 (Evaluation).


The Team – Key Personnel

  • Dr Stuart Bevins - Chain Reaction Project Coordinator
  • Dr Josephine Booth - National Project Manager
  • Eleanor Byrne - National Project Manager
  • Dr Marilyn Brodie - Training Manager
  • Nick Speed - Project Support
  • Heather Wain - Technical Board Member
  • Pat Moore - Technical Board Member