Conference Participants

National Express Yourself Events

The Chain Reaction project includes a national event run by each partner country every year of the three-year project and attended by that year's schools. These events are an exciting celebration of science, allowing students to showcase and communicate both their progress and work and to see that of other schools involved in the project. The student presentations encourage students to detail the inquiry processes they engaged in and share findings whilst being creative and imaginative through their presentations. The national events also engage practising scientists (early year science professionals or PhD students) who will act as role models for the students and will share their work to inform and encourage young people to consider a career in science related fields.

  • First National Conference, Sheffield, 31st March 2014 - Article | Gallery
  • Second National Conference, Sheffield, 18th March 2015 - Article | Gallery
  • Third National Conference, Sheffield, 1st March 2016 - Article | Gallery

International Express Yourself Events

These allow a selected group of students and teachers from each of the participating partners to come together on an annual basis to present their projects at a European/International level. These projects are selected at the national events based on both academic and non-academic achievement and in recognition of effort and personal development. In addition to the schools from the partner countries, local schools and their teachers are invited to attend part of the international event so that they can see the work that has been done. This allows further dissemination of the IBSE approach, methods and tools, as well as providing the pupils with a forum to communicate with peers about their work. This annual event moves between partner countries during the three years of the project.

  • First International Conference, Sheffield, 13-14th May 2014 - Article | Gallery
  • Second International Conference, Heidelberg in Germany, 11–12th May 2015 Gallery
  • Third International Conference, Plovdiv in Bulgaria, 9-10th May 2016