The Personal Capabilities Programme, born in 1999 at the Centre for Science Education (CSE) of Sheffield Hallam University, and lead by Dr Lynne Bianchi, encourages opportunities for children to develop a range of generic personal skills and capabilities, such as teamwork, self management, creativity, communication, problem solving, tenacity and a positive self image. About PCs...

Lynne has now left CSE, but the ethos of the Personal Capabilities programme remains at the heart of the curriculum research and development activities that we undertake at the Centre.

STEM Leaders Qualification

Click to go to the SLQ websiteThe SLQ, developed by the Centre for Science Education in partnership with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) using the themes of Personal Capabilities, is the first qualification to accredit youngsters for leadership skills through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is being offered as a BTEC by Edexcel.

The SLQ is now has it's own website: www.slq.org.uk

Smart Science Resource Pack (SOLD OUT)

Click for Smart Science detailsThis primary science pack features 16 activities, 4 posters and additional digital resources. It embeds Personal Capabilities into science learning activities and reinforces work in thinking skills and personal, social and emotional development. Though it has a focus on science, the concepts and skills it introduces are useful in all curriculum areas.

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