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Girls' Days

Much of our focus is on the importance of working with girls to inspire them about the opportunities available in science, engineering and the built environment.

The WiSET Girls’ Days are a bespoke hands-on experience open to girls aged between 11 and 18 covering topics as diverse as quantity surveying, scientific enterprise, engineering and forensic science. The purpose of these events is to excite and inspire all participants about the wealth of opportunities open to them through further study, higher education and/or a career in the science and engineering industry. Short taster events can also be arranged within schools to fit in with your timetable.

Widening access and improving participation in higher education form a crucial part of our work, and our courses contribute to Sheffield Hallam University's commitment to support Widening Participation. Our Girls’ Days present pupils with the opportunity to explore what higher education can offer within the context of continued study in science and engineering.

We pride ourselves on the variety and breadth of each Girls’ Day and ensure the inclusion of science and engineering is mixed with more general information related to higher education and the world of work. Each day includes at least one talk from a dynamic and inspiring role model from either higher education or the science/engineering industries and a strong skills focus is maintained through teamwork and creativity.

Our range of events

We offer a range of events which can be provided for your school for up to 30 pupils (events can be shared between schools). All our activities involve insight into the various careers which can be pursued in the different subject areas, and are delivered and supported by role models in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Built Environment disciplines.

It may be possible to deliver some of the activities in your own school if you have suitable facilities and support available. Please contact us to discuss how we can help your school.

TitleDescriptionAge GroupDurationCost
  • Women in engineering quiz
  • Short talk from current female engineer
  • Bridge building activity using KNEX
  • Find out about possible courses and careers in engineering
KS3 0.5 day £375
Forensic Science
  • Short talk from current female forensic science student
  • Crime investigation using forensic science in lab - includes finger print analysis, chromatography and substance reactivity
  • DNA Extraction with each pupil able to extract and take home a little bit of their own DNA!
  • Find out about science courses and careers
KS3 1 day £750
  • Find out about how buildings use and lose energy
  • Complete an energy survey of a real property
  • Design an element of an eco-house
  • Meet people working and studying in eco-engineering
  • Think about what you can do in your own home/ school to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Find out about careers in engineering
KS3 0.5 day £375
  • Introduction to enterprise
  • Bath Bomb making session in lab
  • Poster making and marketing session for advertising the bath bombs
  • Introduction to sustainability issues
  • Dragon's Den session with enterprise students from Sheffield Hallam University with pupils presenting their products
KS3 1 day £750
Crosscurricular 'science and history'
  • The 'Curse of the Mummy' activity: Pupils investigate the death of an Egyptian nobleman using modern forensic techniques
  • Translation of hieroglyphics
  • Forensic analysis of the mummy including imprints taken from bones
  • Internal organ characteristics explored through the introduction of canopic jars
  • Presentations made by pupils as to how they think the mummy died
Year 7 0.5 day £375
Environmental Science
  • 'Climate Futures' activities
  • 'Garbage Guru' activity: pupils consider how recycling food and reducing food waste contribute to sustainability. Pupils then communicate their findings
  • Food for Thought' activity: pupils work out how to make a fish and chip shop as environmentally friendly as possibly. They then highlight their decisions in an online advertisement for the takeaway shop
  • Find out about careers and courses in environmental science
KS3 0.5 day £375
Built Environment
  • Find out about building defects and repairs
  • Conduct a survey of a real property and propose a repairs schedule
  • Create a group design to meet a particular brief (e.g. transform a building into a student flat or café)
  • Meet people working and studying in built environment
  • Find out about the full range of careers available in the Built Environment sector at professional, technical and craft level
KS3 1 day £750

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Case Study - Forensic Science Girls' Day

One bespoke full-day session created for the Barnsley LEA is the Forensic Science for Girls Day which was run with thirty 12/13 year old girls in June of 2007 and again in 2008. The session uses the introduction and exploration of DNA as its crux with the investigation of a theft forming the basis of the morning session. Each girl is set the challenge of uncovering the guilty culprit through finger print analysis, chromatography and chemical testing, all within the modern lab facilities at Sheffield Hallam University.

The afternoon session begins with a fun introduction to DNA using models and examples, which is followed by the hands-on extraction of their own DNA under the supervision of role-models from the world of science. Each pupil’s DNA is then placed into heart-shaped necklaces for them to take home and impress friends and family.

The programme supports the development of team-working and communication skills through investigation and scientific experiments. The pupils are able to combine science with creativity through independent and group exploration of forensic science, chemistry and biology.

Case Study - Eco-engineering Girls' Day

Did you know that 48% of the earth's harmful greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings?

This is one of the startling facts introduced to girls during the Women in SET Eco-engineering event. As part of this taster programme all participating girls take part in an innovative sustainable development project inspired by Dr. Andy Young, senior lecturer in engineering at Sheffield Hallam University.

The project involves students at SHU in a 'Design and Build' competition. The successful team of students designed, and are currently building, an eco-home with its own systems for generating heat, light and electrical power.

The participating schoolgirls discover how the winning team arrived at their eco-house design, examine the different elements like solar panels and a wind turbine, and contribute to the creation of its green roof.

The girls are able to meet role models, talk about what it is like to study engineering at University, and compare the heat losses and gains of a normal property with those of a properly designed 'green' home.

The Eco-engineering day aims to help girls develop a greater awareness of and passion for engineering through eco-focused interactive exploration.