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Published/Moderated by: Kathy Doherty []

D3E version published: February 2003


Submission to Discourse Analysis Online

Discourse Analysis Means Analysing Discourse: Some Comments On Antaki, Billig, Edwards And Potter 'Discourse Analysis Means Doing Analysis: A Critique Of Six Analytic Shortcomings'

Erica Burman

Discourse Unit/Women's Studies Research Centre
Department of Psychology and Speech Pathology
Manchester Metropolitan University
Gaskell Campus
Hathersage Road
Manchester M13 0JA

Abstract: In this paper I discuss the 'six analytic shortcomings' of discourse analytic work identified by Antaki et al. as concerned with contextual and part-whole relations. I then move on to offer three more addressing questions of location: under-analysis through uncontested readings, under-analysis through decontextualisation and underanalysis through not having a question. I suggest that, while Antaki et al. have usefully highlighted some prevalent limitations on current, especially introductory, work put forward as discourse analysis, their analysis benefits from some further elaboration in order to acknowledge and refer to the wider spectrum of discursive approaches.

Keywords: template, DAOL submissions

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