3. An extract to work through with examples of non-analysis

Discourse analysis can be performed on a wide variety of talk and text. For convenience we reproduce an extract from an interview, but we do not mean to imply that interviews are specially preferred sources of data. We will reproduce the extract (on the nature of marriage) here in its entirety, as it will be drawn on repeatedly in the course of the paper. The data have been transcribed using conventions, now common in much discourse analysis, developed by the conversation analyst Gail Jefferson (see Hutchby & Wooffitt, 1998, or ten Have, 1999 for details; a brief summary is provided in an appendix; a brief summary is provided in an appendix; for an online description in greater detail, see http://www-staff.lboro.ac.uk/~ssca1/notation.htm). The extract is part of a set of interviews generated in a research project, and written permission has been given to use it for research and teaching purposes.

Marriage Interview Extract

This transcript is also available as a PDF file for downloading or viewing in a seprate window. An MP3 encoded recording of this interaction is also available for downloading or listening to on-line.

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