The Second Material Version of Scene 4 of Sir Thomas More
Paul Werstine
King's College, University of Western Ontario

Werstine, Paul. "The Second Material Version of Scene 4 of Sir Thomas More." Early Modern Literary Studies 7.3 (January, 2002): 16.1 <URL:

  1. Gabriel Egan's latest objection [1] to my "Hypertext and Editorial Myth" [2] is self-evidently fallacious. His objection this time is that the second version of scene 4 in the More manuscript must be an imaginary or ideal construction, rather than, as I have called it, a "material text," simply because, in this second version, the scene's initial stage directions, appearing as they do in a different opening of the manuscript from the beginning of the scene's dialogue, could not be captured in the same photographic image as this dialogue.


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