Thomas More in His Time: Renaissance Humanism & Renaissance Law

International Thomas More Conference, St Patrick's College, Maynooth, Co Kildare, Ireland. 9-16 August, 1998

For information/booking contact the Conference Organiser - Rev. Prof. Thomas Finan, St Patrick's College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Tel. +353 1 6285222. Fax +353 1 6289063. E-mail:

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--The Values of Renaissance Humanism
Brigid M. Boardman, Bath, England; 'Christopher Urswick and the More Humanist Circle'
Stephen M. Foley, Brown University; 'Thomas More and the Agency of the Letter'
Wm. Gentrup, Arizona Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies; 'Pacifism & Counselorship: Erasmus on the Political Uses of Classical Friendship Ideas'
Gerhard Helmstaeder, Goethe University; 'Classical Medicine & the New Learning'
Lee Cullen Khanna, Montclair State University; 'Early Tudor Women Translators'
Peter Milward, S.J., Renaissance Institute of Japan; 'Plato's Academy in Tudor England'

--Completing the Picture: Ireland in the Renaissance
Vincent P. Carey, State University of New York; 'Richard Stanihurst, Humanist Education and the Fitzgeralds of Kildare'
Colm Lennon, National University of Ireland at Maynooth; 'Humanist Historians of Ireland in the Tudor Age'
Nollaig O'Muraile, Queens University Belfast; 'Earls of Kiladre: Learning & Literature'
Katherine Walsh, Universitat Innsbruck; 'Modern Scholarship on the Renaissance in Ireland'

--Humanism & Theology
Bryan Byron, Gladesville, Australia; 'Thomas More and the Principle of Solidarity: Spirit & Form in the Ideal Community'
Wm Rockett, Uni. of Oregon; 'Humanism and Sola Scriptura in 'Responsia ad Lutherum' and 'A Dialogue Concerning Heresies'

--Humanism & Law
Scott D. Evans, Arizona State Uni.; 'Samuel Johnson, 'Utopia' and the Humanist Understanding of Law
Albert J. Geritz, Fort Hays State Uni.; 'John Rastell as Lawyer and Printer/Publisher'
Archibald M. Young, University of Western Ontario; 'Thomas More's Critical Year: Law and Religion in 1533

--'Utopia' and 'The History of King Richard III'
Robert Coogan, University of Maryland; 'The 1965 "Utopia" in 1998: The Relevance of Edward Surtz'
Miguel Angel Delgado, Mexico City; '"Utopia" in Mexico: Vasco de Quiroga's Pueblo-Hospitals'
Arthur Kincaid, Collegium Humaniorum Estoniense; 'Ordering Society in "Utopia", "King Lear" & "The Tempest"
Francesca Loverci, Universita degli Studi 'La Sapienza'; 'Resistance to Tyranny: "Richard III" and the Right to Silence.
Richard Maurius, Harvard Uni.; '"Utopia" and Shakespeare's "Henriad"
Howard Norland, University of Nebraska; 'More's Re-creation of History in his "Richard III"'

--'The Year of the French'
Charles Bene, Uni. of Grenoble; 'Elizabethan Recusant Exiles and French Editors'
Brenda M. Hosington, Uni. de Montreal; 'Gabriel Chappuys' "Republique d'Utopie": Translation as an instrument of ideology'
Clare M. Murphy, Editor, 'Moreana'; 'Thomas More & France: History, Texts, Significance'

--Thomas More & Ireland
Tadhg O'Dushlaine, National University of Ireland at Maynooth; 'Gaelic Recusants and the English "Ars Moriendi": More's "The Last Things" as a possible source for Geoffrey Keating's "Three Shafts of Death"
Elizabeth McCutcheon, University of Hawai; 'Mary Barber & More: Resituating Humanism in Early 18th Century Ireland'
Thomas M. Finan, St Patrick's College, Maynooth; '"Memento Mori": Which Tree and which Berries?'

--Nachleben: The Legacy of Renaissance Humanism
Paul Akio Sawada, Tokyo Junshin Women's College; 'More & the Writings of Thomas Nipperdey (1927-1992)'
Lynn Summer, Georgia State Uni.; 'More in the Tower and Viktor Frankl in Auschwitz'

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