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"Poetry from Piety: Early Modern Women’s Translation and Paraphrase in Manuscript"

A Conference at the University of Warwick Saturday 18 November 2000

The University of Warwick is hosting a conference Poetry from Piety: Early Modern Women’s Translation and Paraphrase in Manuscript. This is a conference in the series begun as the Trinity-Trent Colloquium and being continued with support from three leading universities in the United Kingdom: Oxford, Nottingham Trent, and Warwick. The conference takes place on Saturday 18 November and aims to examine relationships between women’s religious writing and piety in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, especially their translation and paraphrase in manuscript. The registration fee is free so that many scholars and students may share this great opportunity with us. (You need to book your place in advance.) The conference programme is available online at


For further information, please contact:
Sue Dibben, Secretary Humanities Research Centre
University of Warwick Coventry CV4 7AL
Phone: (024) 7652 3401
Fax: (024) 7657 2997
E-mail: susan.dibben@warwick.ac.uk

Conference organizers (at the University of Wawrick):
Mary Deane, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies
Takashi Kozuka, Centre for the Study of the Renaissance

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