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For the past six years, more or less, various members of the Milton Quarterly staff, together with Ohio University Honors Tutorial College students working under Ohio Program Excellence grants, have compiled a relational database of all the books received at the Milton Quarterly since 1966. Material was entered in up to forty different fields, using the powerful library-oriented database program ProCite on Macintosh and MSDOS machines. The entries for keywords became enormous, necessitating the use of a large notebook index. In order to make this material useful to the most people free of charge, MQ has decided to release it in different electronic forms, through EMLS and through the University of Virginia's Electronic Text Center. Maintenance of the Milton Quarterly database is an ongoing project, and the database itself is constantly changing as records are added. For information about what work is in progress, please write to: Roy Flannagan, Editor, Milton Quarterly, 378 Ellis Hall, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701 or via email to

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