To his loving friend the Author, upon his Tragedy The Rebellion [By Richards, N.]



To praise thee friend, and shew the reason why,
Issues from honest love; not flattery.
My will is not to flatter, nor for spight
To praise, or dispraise; but to doe thee right.
Proud daring Rebells, in their impious way
Of Machivillian darkenesse; this thy Play
Exactly shewes; speakes thee Truths Satyrist,
Rebellions Foe, Times honest Artist.
Thy continu'd Scenes, Parts, Plots, and Language can
Distinguish (worthily) the vertuous Man
From the vicious villaine, Earths fatall ill,
Intending mischeivous Traitor Machivill.
Him and his trech'rous Complices, that strove
(Like the Gigantick Rebells warre' gainst Jove)
To disenthrone Spains King, (the heavens annoynted)
By sterne death all were justly disappoynted,
   Plots meet with Counter-plots, revenge, and blood,
   Rebells ruine, makes thy Tragedy good.