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Table of Abbreviations for Thomas More Bibliography

Note: This text is a revised version of the "Table of Journal Abbreviations" included in the Bibliographical Appendix "A Thomas More Bibliography" from my English Ph.D. dissertation,

An earlier form of this file in Definition list format: Table of Abbreviations for Utopia Bibliography was published in EMLS 1.2 as part of my Utopia Bibliography.

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Romuald (Ronnie) Ian Lakowski

abr. abridged
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an. annotated
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intro. introduction; introduction by
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n.p. no place; no publisher
ns new series
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os old series
P Press
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pref. preface; preface by
publ. published
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rev. review; revised
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rpt. reprinted
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sec. section
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summ. summary abstract
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trans. translation; translator; translated by
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vers. version
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