A Double Spirit of Teaching: What Shakespeare's Teachers Teach Us
Patricia Winson, University of Toronto

Appendix 1: Distribution of "teach*" in Shakespeare's Works

1589-90 1 Henry VI 2   * malice
1590-91 2 Henry VI 1      
1590-91 3 Henry VI -   -  
1592-93 Richard III 6 teach me how to curse * scorn, flatter, curse,sin
1592-93 Venus /Adonis 5 the fool to speak * decrepit age to tread the measures
1592-94 Comedy/Errors 3 teach me how to think and speak    
1593-99 Sonnets 4   * teachest how to make me twain
1593-94 Rape of Lucrece 4   * to sin, curse
1593-94 Titus Andronicus 5   * to lay violent hands
1593-94 Taming of Shrew 7   * that teacheth tricks
1594 2 Gents. /Ver. 2   * thus I would teach a dog
1594-95 Love's Labor's Lost 6 teaches boys the hornbook; accent did they teach * to teach a teacher ill beseemeth me
1594-95 Sir Thomas More -      
1594-96 King John 7   * sorrow, kill or hang myself,shame
1595 Richard II 6 thy tongue to teach * stern murder
1595-96 Romeo and Juliet 1      
1595-96 Mid. Night's Dream 3      
    62 5 11  
1596-97 Merchant/Venice 11 I thank thee Jew for teaching me that word * villainy
1596-97 1 Henry IV 6 teach...by telling truth * malevolent; cruelty; to command the devil
1597 Merry Wives 5 teach him to hick and hack * scurvy jack-a-napes; ill...words
1598 2 Henry IV 2   * to addict themselves to sack
1598-99 Much Ado 5 parrot-teacher * parrot-teacher
1599 Henry V 11 teach you...English * how to war
1599 Julius Csar 2 a teacher of rhetoric * to fight
1599 As You Like It 3 teaching all that read to know    
1600-01 Hamlet 5   * to drink deep
c. 1601 Phoenix/Turtle -   -  
1601-02 Twelfth Night 1      
1601-02 Troilus/Cressida 1      
1602-03 All's Well -   -  
1604 Measure/Measure 2      
1604 Othello 7 teach him how to tell my story * tyranny
    61 8 9  
1605 King Lear 6 Fool: I'll teach thee a speech * teach thy fool to lie
1606 Macbeth 2   * bloody instructions
1606-07 Antony/Cleopatra 3   * thy rage
1607-08 Coriolanus 2   * a most inherent baseness
1607-08 Timon of Athens 1      
1607-08 Pericles 6 to use one language in each several clime    
1609-10 Cymbeline 1   * false teachers
1610-11 Winter's Tale 1      
1611 Tempest 2 teach me how to name the bigger light    
1612-13 Henry VIII 4   * new opinions divers and dangerous
1612-13 Cardenio -   -  
1613 2 Noble Kinsmen -   -  
    28 3 6  

Appendix 2: Holofernes' First Scene

deer IV.ii.3  
know IV.ii.3  
sanguis IV.ii.3   Latin
blood IV.ii.4   bloud: no definition
ripe IV.ii.4  
pomewater IV.ii.4  
now IV.ii.4  
hangeth IV.ii.4  
jewel IV.ii.5  
ear IV.ii.5  
caelo IV.ii.5   Latin
sky IV.ii.5  
welkin IV.ii.5 Florio: heaven, sky,roof  
heaven IV.ii.6  
anon IV.ii.6  
falleth IV.ii.6  
crab IV.ii.6  
face IV.ii.6  
terra IV.ii.7   Latin
soil IV.ii.7 filth and ground  
land IV.ii.7  
earth IV.ii.7  
haud IV.ii.7   Latin
credo IV.ii.7   creede: the belief
most barbarous IV.ii.13 without eloquence; ignorant; barbarisme: barbarousnes
    of a strange country  
intimation IV.ii.13  
kind IV.ii.14  
insinuation IV.ii.14   insinuate: creepe in
as it were IV.ii.14  
in via IV.ii.14   Latin
in way IV.ii.14  
explication IV.ii.14   explicate: declare
facere IV.ii.15   Latin
as it were IV.ii.15  
replication IV.ii.15  
or rather IV.ii.15  
ostentare IV.ii.15   Latin
show IV.ii.16  
as it were IV.ii.16  
inclination IV.ii.16   incline: lean unto
undressed IV.ii.16-17 no matches  
unpolished IV.ii.17 no matches polish: deck
uneducated IV.ii.17 no matches education: bringing up
unpruned IV.ii.17 no matches  
untrained IV.ii.17 no matches  
or rather IV.ii.18  
unlettered IV.ii.18 no matches  
or ratherest IV.ii.18  
unconfirmed IV.ii.18 no matches  
fashion IV.ii.18  
insert again IV.ii.19  
haud IV.ii.19   Latin
credo IV.ii.19   Latin
deer IV.ii.19  
twice IV.ii.22  
sod IV.ii.22  
simplicity IV.ii.22  
bis coctus IV.ii.22   Latin
monster IV.ii.23 a marvellous sign, a token, deformed: ill shapen
    a showing, 'montrer' Elyot:  
    also a beast like an ape...monkey;  
    minotaur: half beast, half man  
Ignorance IV.ii.23  
deformed IV.ii.23  
look IV.ii.23  
goodman IV.ii.36  
goodman IV.ii.36  
moon IV.ii.39  
month IV.ii.39  
old IV.ii.39  
no more IV.ii.39  
raught not IV.ii.40  
five IV.ii.40  
weeks IV.ii.40  
came IV.ii.40  
five-score IV.ii.40  
allusion IV.ii.41   allusion: pointing to
holds IV.ii.41  
exchange IV.ii.41  
god IV.ii.45  
comfort IV.ii.45  
capacity IV.ii.45  
allusion IV.ii.45  
holds IV.ii.45  
exchange IV.ii.45  
extemporal IV.ii.50   extemporall: sodaine
epitaph IV.ii.51   epitaph:writing on a tombe
death IV.ii.51  
deer IV.ii.51  
humor IV.ii.51  
ignorant IV.ii.52 without knowledge; rude in doing  
    and speaking, barbarous  
deer IV.ii.52  
Princess IV.ii.52  
kill'd IV.ii.52  
pricket IV.ii.52  
affect IV.ii.55  
something IV.ii.55  
letter IV.ii.55  
argues IV.ii.55   argue: to reason
facility IV.ii.55  
preyful IV.ii.56  
Princess IV.ii.56  
pierc'd IV.ii.56  
prick'd IV.ii.56  
pretty IV.ii.56  
pleasing IV.ii.56  
pricket IV.ii.56  
sore IV.ii.57  
not sore IV.ii.57  
sore IV.ii.57  
shooting IV.ii.57  
dogs IV.ii.58  
yell IV.ii.58  
sore IV.ii.58  
sorel IV.ii.58  
jumps IV.ii.58  
thicket IV.ii.58  
or IV.ii.59  
pricket IV.ii.59  
sore IV.ii.59  
or else IV.ii.59  
sorel IV.ii.59  
people IV.ii.59  
fall IV.ii.59  
a-hooting IV.ii.59  
sore IV.ii.60  
sore IV.ii.60  
sore IV.ii.60  
fifty IV.ii.60  
sores IV.ii.60  
sorel IV.ii.60  
sore IV.ii.61  
hundred IV.ii.61  
adding IV.ii.61  
gift IV.ii.65  
simple IV.ii.65 plain; ignorant ;medicinal herb  
simple IV.ii.65  
foolish IV.ii.66  
extravagant IV.ii.66  
spirit IV.ii.66  
full IV.ii.66  
forms IV.ii.66  
figures IV.ii.66  
shapes IV.ii.67  
objects IV.ii.67  
ideas IV.ii.67  
apprehensions IV.ii.67   *
motions IV.ii.67  
revolutions IV.ii.67-8  
begot IV.ii.68  
ventricle IV.ii.68  
memory IV.ii.68  
nourish'd IV.ii.69  
womb IV.ii.69  
pia mater IV.ii.69   Latin
delivered IV.ii.69  
mellowing IV.ii.70  
occasion IV.ii.70  
gift IV.ii.70  
good IV.ii.71  
acute IV.ii.71   acute: wittie
thankful IV.ii.71  
sons IV.ii.78  
ingenious IV.ii.78  
want IV.ii.79  
no instruction IV.ii.79  
daughters IV.ii.79  
capable IV.ii.79  
vir [sapit] qui pauca loquitur IV.ii.80   Latin
soul IV.ii.81  
feminine IV.ii.81   feminine: the she
saluteth IV.ii.81  
Master IV.ii.83  
Person IV.ii.83  
quasi IV.ii.83   Latin
pers-one IV.ii.83  
pierc'd IV.ii.84  
piercing IV.ii.87  
hogshead IV.ii.87 Florio18977076 a filthy but,pipe  
good IV.ii.87  
lustre IV.ii.87  
conceit IV.ii.88  
turf IV.ii.88  
earth IV.ii.88  
fire IV.ii.88  
enough IV.ii.88  
flint IV.ii.88  
pearl IV.ii.89  
enough IV.ii.89  
swine IV.ii.89  
pretty IV.ii.89  
well IV.ii.89  
facile IV.ii.93   Latin
precor gelida quando IV.ii.93   Latin
[pecus omne] IV.ii.93   Latin
sub umbra IV.ii.94   Latin
ruminat IV.ii.94  
good IV.ii.94  
old IV.ii.94  
speak IV.ii.95  
traveller IV.ii.95  
[Venechia, Venechia] IV.ii.97   Italian
Che non te [vede], IV.ii.98   Italian
che non te [prechia] IV.ii.98   Italian
old IV.ii.99  
old IV.ii.99  
understandeth...not IV.ii.99  
loves...not IV.ii.100  
ut, re, sol, la, mi, fa IV.ii.101   Latin
pardon IV.ii.101  
contents IV.ii.101  
or rather IV.ii.101  
soul IV.ii.102  
verses IV.ii.102  
hear IV.ii.104  
staff IV.ii.104  
stanze IV.ii.104  
verse IV.ii.104  
lege, domine IV.ii.104   Latin
find not IV.ii.119  
apostraphas IV.ii.119   *
miss IV.ii.119  
accent IV.ii.120   accent: tune
supervise IV.ii.120  
canzonet IV.ii.120 Wm.Thomas:littel songe 8950936  
numbers IV.ii.121  
ratified IV.ii.121   ratifie: establish
elegancy IV.ii.122   elegancie: fine speech
facility IV.ii.122  
golden IV.ii.122  
cadence IV.ii.122  
poesy IV.ii.122  
caret IV.ii.123  
man IV.ii.123  
smelling IV.ii.124  
odoriferous IV.ii.124   odoriferous: sweet smelling
flowers IV.ii.124  
fancy IV.ii.125   fantacie: imagine
jerks IV.ii.125  
invention IV.ii.125  
imitari IV.ii.125   Latin
nothing IV.ii.126  
hound IV.ii.126  
master IV.ii.126  
ape IV.ii.126  
keeper IV.ii.127  
tired IV.ii.127  
horse IV.ii.127  
rider IV.ii.127  
damosella IV.ii.127   French/Italian
virgin IV.ii.127  
directed IV.ii.128   direct: guide
overglance IV.ii.131  
superscript IV.ii.131   superscription: writing above
snow-white IV.ii.132  
hand IV.ii.132  
beauteous IV.ii.132  
Lady IV.ii.132  
look IV.ii.133  
intellect IV.ii.133  
letter IV.ii.134  
nomination IV.ii.134  
party IV.ii.134  
[writing] IV.ii.134  
person IV.ii.135  
written IV.ii.135  
ladyship's IV.ii.135  
desired IV.ii.136  
employment IV.ii.136  
votaries IV.ii.137  
King IV.ii.137  
framed IV.ii.138  
letter IV.ii.138  
sequent IV.ii.138 Cotgrave: 1611 following.  
stranger IV.ii.139  
queen's IV.ii.139  
accidentally IV.ii.139   accident: befall
or IV.ii.139  
by the way IV.ii.139  
progression IV.ii.140  
miscarried IV.ii.140  
trip IV.ii.140  
sweet IV.ii.141  
deliver IV.ii.141  
paper IV.ii.141  
royal IV.ii.141  
hand IV.ii.141  
King IV.ii.142  
concern IV.ii.142  
stay not IV.ii.142  
compliment IV.ii.142-3  
forgive IV.ii.143  
duty IV.ii.143  
adieu IV.ii.143   adiew: farewell
tell not IV.ii.149  
father IV.ii.149  
fear IV.ii.149  
colorable IV.ii.149-50  
colors IV.ii.150  
return IV.ii.150  
verses IV.ii.150  
please IV.ii.150  
dine IV.ii.153  
to-day IV.ii.153  
father's IV.ii.153  
certain IV.ii.153 see Coote: uncertain certaine: no definition given
pupil IV.ii.154  
repast IV.ii.154   repaste: food
please IV.ii.154  
gratify IV.ii.155   gratifie: to pleasure
table IV.ii.155  
grace IV.ii.155  
privilege IV.ii.156  
parents IV.ii.156  
foresaid IV.ii.156  
child IV.ii.157  
or IV.ii.157  
pupil IV.ii.157  
undertake IV.ii.157  
bien venuto IV.ii.157   Latin
prove IV.ii.158  
verses IV.ii.158  
unlearned IV.ii.158  
neither IV.ii.158  
savoring IV.ii.159  
poetry IV.ii.159   poet: a verse maker
wit IV.ii.159  
nor IV.ii.159  
invention IV.ii.159  
beseech IV.ii.159  
society IV.ii.160   societie: fellowship
certes IV.ii.163  
text IV.ii.163  
most infallibly IV.ii.163  
concludes IV.ii.163-4  
invite IV.ii.164  
not say IV.ii.165  
nay IV.ii.165  
pauca verba IV.ii.165   Latin
gentles IV.ii.166  
game IV.ii.166  
recreation IV.ii.166-7  

Appendix 3: Prospero's First Scene

Prospero's Language in I.ii.13-24 (mantle on)
collected I.ii.13 gather collected Lat.
no more I.ii.14  
amazement I.ii.14   amazement OE
tell I.ii.14  
piteous I.ii.14   piteous ME and OF
heart I.ii.14   heart OE
no harm I.ii.15   harm OE
no harm I.ii.15   harm OE
nothing I.ii.16   nothing OE
care I.ii.16   care OE
dear I.ii.17  
daughter I.ii.17   daughter OE
ignorant I.ii.18   ignorant ME and OF
nought I.ii.18   nought OE
knowing I.ii.18   knowing OE
whence I.ii.19  
nor I.ii.19  
more better I.ii.19   more better Humanist fashion
master I.ii.20   master Lat and OE
full I.ii.20  
poor I.ii.20  
cell I.ii.20   cell OE
no greater I.ii.21  
father I.ii.21   farther OE
time I.ii.22  
inform I.ii.23 give notice (to teach) inform ME and OF
farther I.ii.23   farther OE
lend I.ii.23   lend OE
hand I.ii.23  
pluck I.ii.24   pluck OE
magic I.ii.24 Magician: using witchcraft magic ME and OF
garment I.ii.24   garment ME and OF
Prospero's Language in I.ii.13-24 (mantle off)
lie I.ii.25  
art I.ii.25   art (n.) Lat.
wipe I.ii.25   wipe OE
eyes I.ii.25   eyes OE
comfort I.ii.25   comfort Lat. ME
direful I.ii.26   direful Lat.
spectacle I.ii.26 thing to be looked at spectacle ME/OF
wrack I.ii.26   wrack OE
touch'd I.ii.26   touch'd ME and OF
virtue I.ii.27   virtue ME and OF
compassion I.ii.27 pity;fellow feeling compassion Lat ME
provision I.ii.28   provision ME and OF
art I.ii.28   art (n.) Lat.
safely I.ii.29   safely ME and OF
ordered I.ii.29   ordered ME and OF
no soul I.ii.29   soul OE
no, not I.ii.30  
perdition I.ii.30   perdition ME and OF
hair I.ii.30   hair OE
betid I.ii.31   betid ME
creature I.ii.31   creature Lat. ME
vessel I.ii.31   vessel ME and OF
heardst I.ii.32   heardst OE
cry I.ii.32   cry ME OF
saw'st I.ii.32  
sink I.ii.32   sink OE
sit I.ii.32  
know I.ii.33   know OE
farther I.ii.33   farther OE
hour's I.ii.36  
come I.ii.36  
minute I.ii.37  
bids I.ii.37  
ope I.ii.37  
ear I.ii.37  
obey I.ii.38  
attentive I.ii.38  
remember I.ii.38  
time I.ii.39  
before I.ii.39  
cell I.ii.39   cell OE
do not think I.ii.40  
not out I.ii.40  
three I.ii.41  
years I.ii.41  
old I.ii.41  
house I.ii.42  
person I.ii.42  
thing I.ii.43  
image I.ii.43  
tell I.ii.43  
kept I.ii.44  
remembrance I.ii.44  
lives I.ii.49  
mind I.ii.49  
else I.ii.49  
dark I.ii.50  
backward I.ii.50  
abysm I.ii.50  
time I.ii.50  
rememb'rest I.ii.51  
aught I.ii.51  
cam'st I.ii.52  
twelve I.ii.53  
year I.ii.53  
since I.ii.53  
twelve I.ii.53  
year I.ii.53  
since I.ii.53  
father I.ii.54  
Duke I.ii.54  
Milan I.ii.54  
prince I.ii.55  
power I.ii.55  
mother I.ii.56  
piece I.ii.56  
virtue I.ii.56  
said I.ii.57  
daughter I.ii.57  
father I.ii.57  
Duke I.ii.58  
Milan I.ii.58  
heir I.ii.58  
princess I.ii.59  
no worse I.ii.59  
issued I.ii.59  
both I.ii.61  
both I.ii.61  
girl I.ii.61  
foul I.ii.62  
play I.ii.62  
heav'd I.ii.62  
thence I.ii.62  
blessedly I.ii.63  
holp I.ii.63  
hither I.ii.63  
brother I.ii.66  
uncle I.ii.66  
call'd I.ii.66  
Antonio I.ii.66  
pray I.ii.67  
mark I.ii.67  
brother I.ii.67  
perfidious I.ii.68 traitorous; unfaithfull  
next I.ii.68  
world I.ii.69  
lov'd I.ii.69  
manage I.ii.70  
state I.ii.70  
time I.ii.70  
signories I.ii.71  
first I.ii.71  
Prospero I.ii.72  
prime I.ii.72  
duke I.ii.72  
reputed I.ii.72 (vb) account; esteem  
dignity I.ii.73 worthiness  
liberal I.ii.73  
arts I.ii.73  
parallel I.ii.74  
study I.ii.74  
government I.ii.75  
cast I.ii.75  
brother I.ii.75  
state I.ii.76  
stranger I.ii.76  
transported I.ii.76  
rapt I.ii.77  
secret I.ii.77  
studies I.ii.77  
false I.ii.77  
uncle I.ii.77  
attend I.ii.78  
perfected I.ii.79  
grant I.ii.79  
suits I.ii.79  
deny I.ii.80  
advance I.ii.80  
trash I.ii.81  
overtopping I.ii.81  
new I.ii.81  
created I.ii.81  
creatures I.ii.82  
say I.ii.82  
chang'd I.ii.82  
or else I.ii.83  
new I.ii.83  
form'd I.ii.83  
key I.ii.83  
officer I.ii.84  
office I.ii.84  
set I.ii.84  
hearts I.ii.84  
state I.ii.84  
tune I.ii.85  
pleas'd I.ii.85  
ear I.ii.85  
ivy I.ii.86  
hid I.ii.86  
princely I.ii.86  
trunk I.ii.86  
suck'd I.ii.87  
verdure I.ii.87  
attend'st not I.ii.87  
pray I.ii.88  
mark I.ii.88  
neglecting I.ii.89  
worldly I.ii.89  
ends I.ii.89  
dedicated I.ii.89  
closeness I.ii.90  
bettering I.ii.90  
mind I.ii.90  
retir'd I.ii.91  
o'er-prized I.ii.92  
popular I.ii.92  
rate I.ii.92  
false I.ii.92  
brother I.ii.92  
awak'd I.ii.93  
evil I.ii.93  
nature I.ii.93  
trust I.ii.93  
good I.ii.94  
parent I.ii.94  
beget I.ii.94  
falsehood I.ii.95  
contrary I.ii.95  
great I.ii.95  
trust I.ii.96  
indeed I.ii.96  
no limit I.ii.96  
confidence I.ii.97  
sans bound I.ii.97  
lorded I.ii.97  
not only I.ii.98  
revenue I.ii.98  
yielded I.ii.98  
power I.ii.99  
else I.ii.99  
exact I.ii.99  
truth I.ii.100  
telling I.ii.100  
sinner I.ii.101  
memory I.ii.101  
credit I.ii.102  
lie I.ii.102  
believe I.ii.102  
substitution I.ii.103  
executing I.ii.104  
outward I.ii.104  
face I.ii.104  
royalty I.ii.104  
prerogative I.ii.105  
ambition I.ii.105  
growing I.ii.105  
no screen I.ii.107  
part I.ii.107  
play'd I.ii.107  
play'd I.ii.108  
needs I.ii.108  
absolute I.ii.109  
Milan I.ii.109  
poor I.ii.109  
man I.ii.109  
library I.ii.109  
dukedom I.ii.110  
large I.ii.110  
enough I.ii.110  
temporal I.ii.110  
royalties I.ii.110  
incapable I.ii.111  
confederates I.ii.111  
dry I.ii.112  
sway I.ii.112  
King I.ii.112  
Naples I.ii.112  
annual I.ii.113  
tribute I.ii.113  
homage I.ii.113  
subject I.ii.114  
coronet I.ii.114  
crown I.ii.114  
bend I.ii.114  
dukedom I.ii.115  
unbow'd I.ii.115  
alas I.ii.115  
poor I.ii.115  
Milan I.ii.115  
most I.ii.116  
ignoble I.ii.116  
stooping I.ii.116  

Appendix 4: Alphabetical listing of Words by Speaker

Holofernes Prospero
a-hooting absolute
accent abysm
accidentally advance
acute alas
adding amazement
adieu ambition
affect annual
allusion art
allusion art
anon arts
ape attend
apostraphas attend'st not
apprehensions attentive
argues aught
as it were awak'd
as it were backward
as it were before
beauteous beget
begot believe
beseech bend
bien venuto betid
bis coctus bettering
blood bids
by the way blessedly
cadence both
caelo both
came brother
canzonet brother
capable brother
capacity brother
caret call'd
certain cam'st
certes care
che non te [prechia] cast
Che non te [vede], cell
child cell
colorable chang'd
colors closeness
comfort collected
compliment come
conceit comfort
concern compassion
concludes confederates
contents confidence
crab contrary
credo coronet
credo created
damosella creature
daughters creatures
death credit
deer crown
deer cry
deer dark
deer daughter
deformed daughter
deliver dear
delivered dedicated
desired deny
dine dignity
directed direful
dogs do not think
duty dry
ear dukedom
earth dukedom
earth ear
elegancy ear
employment else
enough else
enough ends
epitaph enough
exchange evil
exchange exact
explication executing
extemporal eyes
extravagant face
face false
facere false
facile falsehood
facility farther
facility farther
fall father
falleth father
fancy father
fashion first
father form'd
father's foul
fear full
feminine garment
fifty girl
figures good
find not government
fire grant
five great
five-score growing
flint hair
flowers hand
foolish heardst
foresaid heart
forgive hearts
forms heav'd
framed heir
full hid
game hither
gentles holp
gift homage
gift hour's
god house
golden ignoble
good ignorant
good image
good incapable
goodman indeed
goodman inform
grace issued
gratify ivy
hand kept
hand key
hangeth King
haud know
haud knowing
hear large
heaven lend
hogshead liberal
holds library
holds lie
horse lie
hound lives
humor lorded
hundred lov'd
ideas magic
Ignorance man
ignorant manage
imitari mark
in via mark
in way master
inclination memory
ingenious mind
insert again mind
insinuation minute
intellect more better
intimation most
invention mother
invention nature
invite needs
jerks neglecting
jewel new
jumps new
keeper next
kill'd no greater
kind no harm
King no harm
King no limit
know no more
Lady no screen
ladyship's no soul
land no worse
lege, domine no, not
letter nor
letter not only
letter not out
look nothing
look nought
loves...not o'er-prized
lustre obey
man office
Master officer
master old
mellowing ope
memory or else
miscarried ordered
miss outward
monster overtopping
month parallel
moon parent
most infallibly part
most barbarous perdition
motions perfected
nay perfidious
neither person
no instruction piece
no more piteous
nomination play
nor play'd
not say play'd
not sore pleas'd
nothing pluck
nourish'd poor
now poor
numbers poor
objects popular
occasion power
odoriferous power
old pray
old pray
old prerogative
old prime
or prince
or princely
or princess
or else provision
or rather rapt
or rather rate
or rather rememb'rest
or ratherest remember
ostentare remembrance
overglance reputed
paper retir'd
pardon revenue
parents royalties
party royalty
pauca verba safely
pearl sans bound
people saw'st
pers-one say
Person secret
person set
pia mater signories
pierc'd sink
pierc'd sinner
piercing sit
please spectacle
please state
pleasing state
poesy state
poetry stooping
pomewater stranger
precor gelida quando studies
pretty study
pretty subject
preyful substitution
prick'd suck'd
pricket suits
pricket sway
pricket tell
Princess tell
Princess telling
privilege temporal
progression thing
prove three
pupil time
pupil time
quasi time
queen's time
ratified touch'd
raught not transported
recreation trash
repast tribute
replication trunk
return trust
revolutions trust
rider truth
ripe tune
royal twelve
ruminat twelve
saluteth unbow'd
sanguis uncle
savoring uncle
sequent verdure
shapes vessel
shooting virtue
show virtue
simple wipe
simple world
simplicity worldly
sky wrack
smelling year
snow-white year
society years
sod yielded
stay not  
sub umbra  
tell not  
ut, re, sol, la, mi, fa  
vir [sapit] qui pauca loquitur  
[pecus omne]  
[Venechia, Venechia]  

1997, R.G. Siemens (Editor, EMLS).
(April 23, 1997)