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College, sixth form or training?

Have you considered your options after year 11?  Here you'll find some more detail on what your choices are and how to make a decision.

Making the decision

Decision time? What will you do after leaving school? Is it easy to make a decision? How will you make these: based on what your friends do, what your family wants, where the quick money is?  You need to work out your options carefully - your choice will have a long term impact on your life. However help is at hand. 

What is an apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a nationally designed training programme for 16-24 year-olds who have left full-time education or are already in employment.  As an apprentice you would follow work-based training programmes designed by employers and gain nationally recognised qualifications.  Interested?  Read on.

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

What are higher and degree apprenticeships?

 Like intermediate and advanced apprenticeships, higher apprenticeships combine 'on the job' training with studying towards a high level qualification.

Higher apprenticeships are available at a range of levels, from the equivalent of a foundation degree to a bachelor’s degree and soon at master’s degree level in some sectors. 

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