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University is for everyone, but that doesn't mean that everyone is for university! Nearly every student that graduates from University will say that it's the best decision they ever made. By gaining higher education qualifications, the opportunities to progress into a successful career will come much easier, it won't be easy but it's definitely likely to be worth it.

University decisions - where to go and what to study

Once you've decided to go to university or college, course choice and location are the next things to consider. These are big questions that need full consideration if you are to take full advantage of opportunities available. 


University decisions - choices to be made by you

Before you decide on a course - you will need to consider a range of factors to do with that course.  Look through this list below and be aware of some of the factors that should be important in your final decision.

What's all this about employability?

Choices you make in terms of course, location and type and mode of study will have a big impact on starting on a career pathway that is rewarding and fulfilling.  You will still need the right mix of skills, abilities and personal qualities to stand out and be selected for a job.  These desirable attributes are referred to as 'employability' skills.

What is a graduate job?

An obvious question without an obvious answer. Many jobs are specifically aimed at graduates, and there are those likely to be taken by students leaving higher education as the first stepping stone into the world of work.  Graduates are employed in a wider range of jobs now than ever before - here are some broad categories:    

Myth busting

We take lots of common myths relating to higher education and provide the true picture.

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