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How and where to progress - it's your choice

Hopefully you've arrived at this page because you are starting to think about your future and how you want to progress in your education.  We've provided a range of advice for different stages in your life.

Where do I start?

Where do I start?

So where to start?

Well because we believe everyone who has the ability should have the choice to go into higher education, we're going to start there.

Did you know that

  • research consistently shows that graduates earn significantly more than those without a degree
  • changes in the job market mean many jobs now require a degree
  • graduates are much less likely to be unemployed in their working life 

University is not for everyone, but we've provided all the information you need to decide if it's for you, and to plan your route there.  There's nothing worse than deciding on a career or course only to find that you've studied the wrong subjects - so the earlier you think about it, the better prepared you'll be.

Deciding what to do next in year 11

You can decide to stay at your school if they have a sixth form, you can change to a diferent sixth form, or go to college.  This section of the website explains the difference, helps you make a decision and gives tips on how to be successful.

You can also find out about vocational routes into higher education.

Considering higher education

Here are some of the things you should think about when you are considering higher education.  We'll also talk about the concerns you may have and whether they are based on facts or just myths!

You might also find these documents useful to look at:

Starting to think about university

Is it worth going to University?

Student finance brochure

Specific advice for adult learners

No doubt you will have specific concerns and information requirements, so you will find the dedicated Yes Progress! website for adult learners useful.  It includes information, tools, and video clips of adult learners talking about their experiences and concerns.

Take care in choosing the pathway for you

Take care in choosing the pathway for you

Making higher education decisions

For advice on searching for a course, specific careers and subject areas or types or courses, you can get help here.

Applying for higher education

When you're ready to make your application, you'll appreciate some advice on writing your personal statement, as well as know just what some of the terms like 'clearing' and 'adjustment' mean.

Other useful information for learners

Additional useful information for learners - including tips on writing your cv

Further information on qualification levels can be accessed from this link

If you have a specific question that isn't answered on this site, drop us an email and we'll try and find the answer for you

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