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Information on the application process

What is UCAS and what is its role?

This is the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), and is the British admission service for students applying to university.  If your son or daughter wishes to go to university or a college of higher education full time then they can apply through UCAS.

Registering with UCAS

Your son or daughter will have to register with UCAS via the UCAS website, before eventually applying for a course.  This might appear daunting - but there is a wealth of on-line help, video clips and text based guidance on how to register and how to apply.  It might be useful for parents to visit the site to familiarise themselves with the process.

What attributes are the universities looking for?

This might seem a straight forward question - but the answer may not be entirely clear.  It is arguably tougher than ever for applicants  - and people who guide them with applications - to know how to impress universities and colleges admissions tutors and teams.

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