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Thinking of university?

Considering Higher Education

There are a wide range of routes available for your son or daughter and a whole range of higher education options to choose from – academic or job-related (vocational).

Why does the Government want people to go into HE?

Widening access to higher education is a priority for the Government - and to achieve this it is vital to increase the proportion of non-traditional students going through university.  The Government will work with universities, and through them colleges, schools and training providers  to raise aspirations in families with no tradition of going onto higher education.

Progression in Education

Progression in education starts at entry level and the highest level that can be achieved is level 8. There are different routes you can take through these levels and many different types of qualification.

Types of Learning

There are more ways of studying to reach higher education than the traditional full-time school or college routes.  Such as - part-time learning, on-line learning, blended learning (combined face-to-face learning, electronic learning and self -study).  These are all ways of achieving qualifications appropriate for higher education entry.


How can I help my 16 year old to start thinking about university ?

After completing GCSEs, and starting tertiary level education, time seems to slip away quickly- and within a short period of time your son or daughter will be looking at applying to university. In order to make the best use of time whilst at college, or in the sixth form, parents can help prepare their sons or daughters for the busy time of decision making and applications.

Which qualification and route?

Students can progress through Higher Education using a number of different routes.

As well as the three year full-time degree route, there are a range of study options which make ‘earning while learning’ a real possibility. 

Daunted by the prospect?

Beginning a Higher Education course can be a daunting time for young people.  Your son or daughter may be worried by the prospect.  However, there are a range of services provided by universities and colleges that are designed to help with this transition.

FAQs by parents

Parents will have lots of questions about the value, the cost and the ultimate pay-offs of their child going into higher education.  Check out some of the questions we are most frequently asked, and a flavour of the answers we give:

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