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How HEPP can support you

We work with teachers and advisers in many ways to support their students in progressing to higher education.  Read on to see how we can best support you and your students.  For termly updates on our activities, you can sign up to our newsletter below.

HEPP activities in schools and colleges

Our team of recent graduates can deliver free, impartial, engaging sessions to your students to support you in preparing students for progression.  We have a range of presentations and interactive activities on student finance and higher education in general.

Jackie Powell with Melissa Harrison from UCAS

Free training

The world of higher education is ever-changing, and keeping up to date is quite a task.  HEPP is pleased to offer updates and training completely free of charge.

We run HEPP conferences on current issues in higher education twice a year which are free to teachers and advisers.  We can also offer free bespoke professional development and training tailored for your organisation for staff who support learner progression to higher education.

Free materials for you

HEPP resources for teachers and advisers folder

We have a range of resources both for building your own knowledge and for use with your students.


These can be downloaded below, and include


  • general advice for students on higher education
  • advice for students interested in specific careers (currently medicine, dentistry and veterinary science)
  • advice for tutors writing UCAS references - including subject specific advice, and a suggested form for collecting input from colleagues
  • tools for use with students

Websites we have developed

Yes You Can

Our student finance website is

This addresses many concerns of students and parents such as

  • why go to uni?
  • what do I need to pay for?
  • let's talk money (what is available)
  • managing a budget
  • how does payback work?
  • living at home


Yes progress logo

For information on getting into higher education specifically for adult learners, visit

Yorkshire Apprentice Forward website

The Yorkshire Apprentice Forward website provides information on apprenticeships - including what they are, the advantages and disadvantages of training as an apprentice, and how to become an apprentice.

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