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HeppSY+ is an iterative Programme, which continually adapts according to emerging best practice. The Data and Evaluation Team are at the heart of this process, continually feeding research and evaluation findings into the Programme’s design and assisting the future direction of outreach activity.

The evaluation uses a mixed methods approach, involving mainly primary research, this includes annual surveys, pre/post activity surveys, interviews and focus groups with students, parents, school staff and members of the HeppSY+ team. The team also provide analysis of registers and student characteristic data through HEAT, along with externally funded pieces of research.

“[The Evaluation and Data Manager’s presentation for NEON about the HeppSY evaluation framework] was great to hear…we’ve come back to work full of ideas and inspired! Good work @HeppSYplus and [the Evaluation and Data Manager]” (Study Higher Berkshire on Twitter) @StudyHigherBerk


As part of the NCOP evaluation, we asked a selection of students in Years 9-13 to complete a short questionnaire in the 2017 autumn term. The questionnaire collected information about each student’s knowledge and attitudes towards university/higher education. We will run the survey once a year so that we can capture any changes over time. Your child’s participation is entirely voluntary.

Those who complete the surveys will be entered into a prize draw. Winners will have the option to refuse the prize and an alternative winner will be randomly selected.

Parents can download an information sheet explaining the type of data being collected and how the data will be used here: Information for parents

2018 Follow Up Baseline Survey Findings:

  • All of the measures changed in a positive way between the baseline and follow-up survey: aspiration, confidence, higher education knowledge and career knowledge all increased by small margins.
  • Aspiration, confidence, higher education knowledge and career knowledge increased particularly for students who entered Year 12 and Year 13 this year, suggesting that sixth form and college activity has been particularly influential.
  • Aspiration, confidence, higher education knowledge and career knowledge increased considerably for the small sample of students from a mixed ethnic background. This is a positive finding as this group was particularly disadvantaged relative to other ethnic groups on these measures in the baseline survey.
  • Higher education knowledge and career knowledge increased marginally more for HeppSY+ students compared with non-HeppSY+ students.
  • Higher education knowledge and career knowledge increased marginally more for female students compared with male students. However, confidence/resilience increased the same amount for both male and female students.

2017 Baseline Survey Findings:

The HeppSY+ 2017 survey was completed by 10,037 students in 32 secondary schools and six colleges across South Yorkshire. Key findings in the report include:

  • Two-thirds (66%) of young people say their family has the greatest influence on their decisions about what to do after completing their studies. This compares to friends (6%) teachers (6%) and careers advisers (3%)
  • 20% of respondents said that they themselves have the greatest influence on their decisions. Although friends are not considered by the majority of young people to influence their decisions, 63% stated they had spoken to them about what to do.
  • South Yorkshire students are highly aspirational. Over two-thirds are likely to apply to higher education at age 18 or 19 compared to 16% who are not.
  • 11% of younger students and 10% of older students would like to start an apprenticeship or higher or degree apprenticeship.
  • A larger proportion of female students, 26%, would definitely apply to higher education at age 18 or 19 compared with 16% of male students.
  • Male students, more than females, favour vocational education and want to begin an apprenticeship or a higher or degree apprenticeship after their current studies. Males are also more likely to want to begin working after finishing their current studies compared with female students.

Survey Prize Draw Winners:

The winner of the Y13 Follow Up Survey prize draw is Katie Wells who went to Sheffield College, she came to collect her prize and informed us that she was starting a teacher training course at Sheffield Hallam University.

The winners of the Baseline Survey Prize Draw:

  • Jay Green, Trinity Academy
  • Jakub Saladjak, De Warenne Academy
  • Lydia Pike, Trinity Academy
  • Thomas Goulden, Trinity Academy
  • Byrony Hunt, Wath Comprehensive
  • Benjamin Metcalfe, Campsmount Academy
  • Natasha Wood, Yewlands Technology College
  • Adil Sikander, Outwood Academy Danum
  • Joshua Cook, Outwood Academy Shafton
  • Destiny Hopwell, The Sheffield College
  • Enisa Gashi, Outwood Academy Danum

“[The Evaluation and Data Manager’s NEON]presentation [about their evaluative approach] was really interesting and useful” (Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at a northern university)”

Data Protection:

Data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and from May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation. NCOP is a collaborative programme. This information may be shared with Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), The University of Sheffield (TUoS) and the Higher Education Progression Partnership (HEPP). However, HeppSY+ and its partners will not release individual information to anyone who is unauthorised. More details about this can be found on Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield websites:

All data will be stored securely and any reporting will be done so through collated data, meaning that individual students will not be identifiable. You have the right to opt out of sharing your data (please contact Lucy Clague), or to request for your data to be removed from our system (contact us anytime).

Contact us:

If you have any questions about the data and evaluation elements of the HeppSY+ programme, a query or complaint about the use of your data or there is anything that you do not understand, please contact:

Lucy Clague
Evaluation and Data Manager
0114 225 3052

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