Impact Quotes

HE Knowledge

“[I] understand more about finance, student life and what you can do there” (HE Can participant)

“I think overall it’s really good… I think it’s really helpful for students             like us who aren’t sure. [my friend] is quite unsure on what she wants to do and it’s helpful because it’s given her a chance to go on different kinds of trips to different unis, different places and different summer schools” (Art &Design Summer School participant)

” [school/college] staff know more about alternative pathways [now], and if they don’t they come to us” (HeppSY+ Graduate Intern)

“I was half and half [about wanting to go]. I wanted to go but I just didn’t know what I needed to do or about money and stuff like that. But now I know it’s all fine and as long as everything goes fine, I’m probably going” (HE Can participant)

“I had certain bits of information from websites and that sort of thing that you could get a little bit of information from, but then coming to HE Can sort of allowed me to start asking some more meaningful questions which were more personalised to my own situation, I found that quite invaluable” (HE Can parent)

“I was thinking that it’s only going to be posh people but now I know that you’ve got support from everywhere and so you can go whatever background you’ve got” (HE Can Participant)

“I thought rich people went who can pay it off and smart people but it’s just regular people.” (HE Can Participant)

Career Knowledge

“[the Higher Education Progression Adviser] knew what sort of things I’d need, and how to do it. Whereas when I talk to dad he’s like ‘you’ll probably need this’, with her it is ‘you will need this’, she knew” (HE Can participant)

“[A student] wasn’t very sure about what he wanted to do, he liked cyber security, but didn’t have a lot of experience, so we looked into that, and I motivated him to do better in the remaining time on his course, and he’s now doing an HNC at the College” (College-based HeppSY+ Graduate Intern)

“[HeppSY+] gave us careers advisers which helped us a lot.” (HE Can participant)


“I thought it was only people in, like, top sets and the smartest people went to Uni. Like people who wanted to be a Lawyer and stuff, but now I know that anyone can go to Uni as long as you get decent grades and you can be what you want to be”(HE Can participant)

“It helped me to decide if I wanted to go to University… at first I wasn’t really sure whether to go or not and now I’m pretty sure that I wanna go” (HE Can participant)

“We had a trip to York…and afterwards we talked to them (the students) about becoming ambassadors for HeppSY+ and they were so excited, and you could see the change from the first time we met them in November/December and now how excited they were to talk to other students about the Programme and train them, and so on and so forth” (HeppSY+ Graduate Intern)

“[My motivations have changed] a lot…I’m more bothered about what grades I get and wanting to do something with my life…before this, I wasn’t bad, but I didn’t really care that much but now that I’ve seen what I need to do if I want to get somewhere, it’s made me think that I need to get on with it” (HE Can participant)

“I was thinking that [higher education is] only going to be posh people but now I know that you’ve got support from everywhere and so you can go whatever background you’ve got” (HE Can boy)

“It kind of took us out of our comfort zone, which is a good thing” (Art & Design Summer School participant)

Data and Evaluation

“[The Evaluation and Data Manager’s presentation for NEON about the HeppSY evaluation framework] was great to hear…we’ve come back to work full of ideas and inspired! Good work @HeppSYplus and [the Evaluation and Data Manager]” (Study Higher Berkshire on Twitter) @StudyHigherBerk

“I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you again for your presentation at the Working Group on Monday – it was so reassuring to hear what you’ve been doing with HEPPSY, and made me feel very positive about Evaluation within our NCOP. If you’re able to share your presentation I would be really grateful, particularly the Evaluation Indicator / Coding structure section” (Evaluator from Southern NCOP)

“Nice one [HeppSY Evaluation and Data Manager]! – you have made a splash with evaluation and data colleagues!” (Dr. Colin McCaig, Centre for Development and Research in Education) @colin_mccaig

“[The Evaluation and Data Manager’s NEON]presentation [about their evaluative approach] was really interesting and useful” (Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at a northern university)

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