Frankie’s Journey to HE

Friday 12th November 2021

Name: Frankie

A-levels: Geography, Biology, Psychology and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Degree course(s) and institutions: BSc Geography at Sheffield Hallam University

Favourite modules: Advanced GIS & Contaminated Land and Remediation

Current role: GIS Analyst/Consultant at IBI Group

Description of your journey through HE and how it got you your role/encouraged you to pursue your passion within the field of geography:

During my time at Sheffield Hallam, I really enjoyed the variety of modules that were offered as part of the BSc Geography course. The opportunities for field trips and to diversify or specialise in modules as desired, was very appealing to me. The fieldtrips and case study simulations were an interesting chance to see the lecture content in the real world and put into practice what we had learnt. The application of GIS tools has been immensely useful in developing my skill set that was applied in my first year of industry experience since graduating, but really is the tip of the iceberg – the application of GIS is endless!

Alongside my studies I played for the Women’s Lacrosse First Team, where the regular games and I had opportunity to be part of the committee, a key member in running the club with roles as Club Secretary in my second year, and Chairwoman and England Lacrosse University Officer during my final year. I had a great time being able to meet a variety of students from across the courses offered at Sheffield Hallam and across the country as Sports Club Members. A welcomed break from the pressure of studies as well.

I think that Geography is a valuable subject to study as the role of people, places and spaces are relevant to all walks of life. Whether it is the movement of people across the country due to economic migration; the development of smart cities or the utilisation of existing brown space land to aid the ever-growing population as a town planner; geography has a fundamental part. How many other subjects are so relevant to the past, present and future of humanity and the natural world?