Juliet’s Journey to HE

Friday 12th November 2021

Name: Juliet

Courses studied: AS German, A Level History, A Level Geography, and A Level Film Studies.

Degree course(s) and institutions: BS Geography and MSc Environmental Management at Sheffield Hallam University

Favourite modules: Development in Latin America, Quaternary Environmental Change, and Development, Power and Imperialism

Current role: Higher Education Engagement Assistant at HeppSY

Description of your journey through HE and how it got you your role/encouraged you to pursue your passion within the field of geography:

I chose Sheffield Hallam University because it was really close to home and I liked that there were so many module choices. The university seemed very modern and friendly, and it was only a 35 minute bus ride away from my house! Some of the extra-curricular things I was involved in include: Pilates classes at Hallam Active, being part of the Geography Society, and being a member of the Royal Geographical Society’s Young Ambassador Scheme. These enabled me to take part in activities which improved my confidence, social skills, and encouraged me to get out and about around the city.

I chose to do a geography-related degree because I love the range of subjects and topics within the broad field of ‘geography’, as there is so much to learn and explore in both human and physical geography. As I loved history at A Level, I chose to do the more history-based modules, like Development, Power and Imperialism and Development in Latin America, which enabled me to blend my two subject passions together.

Geography has shown me so much about the world and encouraged me to go travelling – I went to Australia in the break between my second and third years at university, which inspired me to complete my undergraduate dissertation on the carbon impact of post-study/gap year travel. It also allowed me to improve my confidence and independence, as I went alone and so had to fend for myself, which was really eye opening. Geography really shows you that the world is far bigger than you could ever imagine.

My current role as a HEEA at HeppSY is really inspiring as I get the opportunity to provide impartial advice to people who are in the same position that I was before entering higher education. The team is so supportive and the work we do is wonderful and very fulfilling. Though not directly related to geography, my experiences studying geography have come in very useful when presenting the benefits of HE to students. I’ve been able to use my experience of higher education in general, and especially how online learning has evolved during my postgraduate degree, to inform students about where the future might take them. Geography is applicable to so many different industries, and there’s many different paths that you can take with a geography degree.