Careers Education

Our team of qualified careers advisers (HE Progression Advisers) work with school and college staff to deliver targeted careers support to learners, giving students (and parents) the information, advice and guidance they need to progress onto their next steps and achieve their goals.

Our HE Progression Advisers are here to help if you need any support in your school, sixth form or college. Below are a few resources that may help staff, students and parents which are in addition to our new 20/21 online offer.

HeppSY Happenings

HeppSY Happenings is the premier podcast shining a light on what’s currently happening in Higher Education. In our second episode, we explore non-traditional higher education options, specifically looking at what college, distance learning and higher or degree apprenticeship learning is like.  It’s ideal for year 11-13 students, but also anyone else who wants to find out more.  Listen below or see all our HeppSY Happenings podcasts here.

LMI for All is an up to date and reliable source of labour market information, to help inform career decisions and help you think about your future career. Why not try adding a job you’re interested in to the boxes below? You can see how much you might expect to earn, and predictions on the future workforce (are there expected to be more or less of these jobs in future?). You can also compare them with the UK average.  

Unsure about what career you’d like to do? Take this quick Skillsometer quiz to discover jobs you might like to do in the future. You will be presented with a series of statements. Select the emoji that shows how you feel about each statement. You will be given suggestions of jobs you might be interested in linked to what you most enjoy doing. 

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