Healthcare science and engineering

You got healthcare science and engineering! Here are some careers you might enjoy. Do they feel right for you?

You could be:

  • an X-ray technician
  • a hospital photographer
  • a pharmacist

Or perhaps you would like to work in a lab, using microscopes to find out why people are ill.

You might like these jobs because:

  • You like learning new skills and using them to help patients have good experiences.
  • You enjoy being part of a team that supports others to do their jobs well.

Key skills:

Problem Solving

Where to look next for careers in health care:

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You could be amazing as a hero who keeps people healthy.


You could be great as a hero who keeps vulnerable people, like children and the elderly, safe.


You could put your skills to good use by becoming a hero who keeps people connected.


You could be great at keeping people fed by being a hero that works in supplying or selling food.