Jobs that help people live their best lives

You got jobs that help people live their best lives! Here are some careers you might enjoy. Do they feel right for you?

You could be:

  • a physiotherapist
  • a health visitor
  • a hospital porter

Or perhaps you would like to work as a learning disabilities nurse.

You might like these jobs because:

  • You enjoy creative problem-solving to make a difference to people’s lives.
  • You want to use your skills to help others when they need support.

Key skills:

Problem Solving
Aiming High

Where to look next for careers in health care:

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You could be amazing as a hero who keeps people healthy.


You could be great as a hero who keeps vulnerable people, like children and the elderly, safe.


You could put your skills to good use by becoming a hero who keeps people connected.


You could be great at keeping people fed by being a hero that works in supplying or selling food.