Jobs in logistics engineering and analysis

You got jobs in logistics engineering and analysis! Here are some careers you might enjoy. Do they feel right for you?

You could be:

  • a transportation analyst
  • a logistics engineer

Or perhaps you would like to work as a logistics consultant.

You might like these jobs because:

  • You enjoy analysing data and information and working out more efficient processes.
  • You are confident communicating with a wide range of people, both inside and outside your company.

Key skills:

Problem Solving

Careers in logistics – where to look next:

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You like to keep busy and love learning. You have plenty of patience and never give up. You could be a brilliant hero who educates people in school or college.


You are creative and enjoy using your hands to make things. You are interested in how things are designed or built. You could be amazing as a hero who provides the things we need.


You thrive under pressure and enjoy being close to the action. You enjoy meeting all sorts of different people. You could be amazing as a hero who protects people, especially in emergencies.


You are well-organised and enjoy planning how to do things as efficiently as possible. You could put these skills to gooduse by becoming a hero who helps to supply things to the people who need them.