I am a parent

Is your child aged 13-19 and still at school or college?

Do you feel your child has got talents and interests but you don’t know what steps they need to take to get a good job?

Are you sceptical about the value of higher education? But you still want your child to get a good job and have every opportunity – why should they miss out?

If your child is able, then going on to further study will probably be an essential requirement to get where they want to go and end up in a good job. Not all further study is at university, it can be at a local college or in an apprenticeship, and finance is not the hurdle that everybody makes out. There is a lot of confusion and mis-reporting.

We can help you to make sense of what options are best for your child and cut through the mis-information.  Our job is to help able young people get the best possible chance to progress and do further study if they choose to – so we want to make sure that you and your child get all the facts to decide for yourselves.

We offer free advice, support and resources for young people and parents, working in partnership with schools and colleges, but also community groups.

We don’t belong to any one university or college, so we can offer impartial advice and guidance.

Our programme is focused on certain parts of South Yorkshire and neighbouring areas.  You can check if this applies to you by clicking on the link below (Am I eligible?).

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