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We can help you to support your students from Year 9 upwards to progress to higher education. Our focus is on those students who are capable of progressing to higher education but are uncertain or may not even be considering this option.

You will need to be working in an eligible school or college in one of our target areas. We are tasked to work in particular wards in South Yorkshire and neighbouring areas, where young people’s participation in higher education is low and also much lower than expected based on GCSE-level attainment.

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If your school or college is eligible, we will be able to provide support and resources. The first step is a self-assessment process to identify what additional activities would be most valuable for your young people. We may then

  • support you to identify a target cohort
  • fund and support you to implement an action plan
  • provide a designated member of staff to give you expert help
  • provide resources to inform, inspire and guide you
  • help you to engage in successful progression programmes with universities and other partners

It will be up to you how you use this opportunity to fit with your strategic priorities, your timetable and your way of working. The aim is to provide you with extra support to help you expand existing activities that work and give you the freedom to innovate and pursue fresh ideas.

Our programme is designed to be complementary to existing programmes working in your school already, such as the Hepp programme or activities offered by the widening participation teams of the local universities or colleges.

Benefits to you, your school and your learners will be

  • opportunities for innovation and creativity
  • added-value alongside your existing progression activities
  • improved outcomes for your students
  • extra help for ‘additional support’ students
  • activities that may compliment Ofsted criteria

To see if your school or college is eligible, please click on the link below (Am I eligible?).

You can also find useful resources and details of training opportunities on the Hepp website.

Are you eligible? Click here to find out